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Considerations When Using Sharps on Rodent Studies

By Sherrie Jean, DVM, DACLAM Associate Veterinarian Yerkes National Primate Research Center Many biomedical and basic science research studies involve the use of rodent animal models. The animals and experimental agents (eg. cell lines, chemicals, biologicals, etc.) involved with these projects often pose a human health and safety risk to the personnel conducting those studies. […]

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Sharps Safety Tips

Sharps are medical devices that can cut or puncture the skin, which include needles, razor blades, exposed ends of dental wires, capillary tubes, etc. These sharp safety tips will help prevent accidental punctures and cuts. Before working with sharps: Consider safer medical devices (blunt tip needles, retractable scalpels and blades, etc.). The CDC estimates that […]

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Sharps Safety Reminder for Working in DAR

Each year EHSO conducts inspections of the Animal Facilities on campus. While conducting inspections within DAR, we observed recapped needles within the sharps containers. We also observed syringes inside of the regular trash cans. EHSO requires lab personnel to properly dispose of sharps in the laboratory and also within the animal facility. The purpose of this practice is […]

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Sharps Safety

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 62% to 88% of sharps injuries  can be prevented simply by using safer medical devices. Researchers should always consider what is  needed to safely handle any sharps that are used and identify the different scenarios when a sharps injury can occur. By identifying when a sharps […]

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