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Have You Updated Your EHSO Training?

Let’s celebrate! Training Compliance has improved over the past year.  Safety training is an administrative control in addition to having standard operating procedures and lab-specific training. Starting in May 2018, the EHSO training modules for Research Lab Safety, Bloodborne pathogens (BBP), Biosafety, Laser Safety, Radiation Safety were migrated to BioRAFT.   See below how as a community, Emory research personnel decreased the […]

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Selecting the correct glove for your job

Next to our eyes, our hands are probably the most important part of our body when it comes to doing our work. They’re involved in almost everything we do. Yet many of the things we do with our hands are done without any deliberate thought. Your hands have no fear. They’ll go anyplace they’re sent […]

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What’s that smell?

Your workspace should provide adequate indoor air quality and be free of health hazards. If you are experiencing strong or offensive odors in your work area, follow the instructions below to make sure you know what to do and who to call.    For extremely strong, irritating odors that are affecting your mucous membranes and/or respiratory system, you detect strong burning odors or […]

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Georgia DNR Inspection – 3/11/19-3/13/19

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources will be conducting their inspection of the Emory University broad scope radioactive materials license GA 153-1 on March 11-13, 2019. Facilities and research laboratories that use radioactive materials may be inspected. Inspectors will be accompanied at all times by an EHSO staff member. Please contact EHSO if you have […]

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Radiation Safety Training is Moving to BioRAFT

Are you listed in a Radioactive Materials Usage License? The training modules for RAM users have moved from ELMS to BioRAFT. After November 1, 2018, the following training modules must be completed in BioRAFT: Radiation Safety for Laboratory Research Personnel – INITIAL Radiation Safety for Laboratory Research Personnel – Refresher – EVERY THREE YEARS Log into BioRAFT: www.emory.bioraft.com. If […]

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EHSO Website Updates: Research Safety and Radiation Safety Documents

The following documents were updated recently on the EHSO website: Research Safety documents: Registration Form for Minors Participating in Activities in Research Laboratories http://www.ehso.emory.edu/documents/minors-registration-form.pdf Lab Signage Requirements Form http://www.ehso.emory.edu/documents/lab-signage-requirements-form.pdf Lab Self-Inspection now includes the Corrective Action Plan http://www.ehso.emory.edu/documents/laboratory-self-inspection-form.pdf Radiation Safety documents: Guideline for Radiation Safety Committee Review of Human Research Studies http://www.ehso.emory.edu/documents/guideline-for-rsc-review-of-human-research-studies.pdf

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Reminders to Research Personnel

Are you ready to begin a new school year in your laboratory? August is usually a busy month with students starting a new semester, students lining up rotations, new investigators coming to the University, new hires, and so on. Below are a few reminders from EHSO: ✓ Ensure PI and personnel are current with applicable […]

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Restricted Areas and Shared Laboratory Spaces

Restricted areas are areas to which access is limited by the Licensee to protect individuals from exposure to radiation and radioactive materials (RAM). Restricted areas in shared laboratories usually have designated radiation work areas. These areas are marked by “Caution Radioactive Materials” signs and with radioactive material labels and stickers as shown in the photo […]

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Building Liaison Updates!

Research Safety recently added members to the group and adjusted the Building Liaison assignments for the laboratories. Your previous Research Safety Building Liaison or Radiation Safety Liaison may have changed. Review the list to ensure you contact the appropriate person for any laboratory safety or radiation safety related information or questions. Research Safety Building Liaison […]

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How to Use a Geiger Counter

If your lab is authorized to use radioactive Materials, you are required to conduct routine contamination surveys. Contamination Surveys are required to be performed weekly after each radioactive material use. We encourage researchers to perform contamination Surveys after each individual experiment. Your surveys should include the Geiger meter survey and wipe tests. The lab areas […]

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