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Lauren Bertin
Psychology Graduate Student

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Lauren Bertin graduated from Bennington College with a B.A. in Science and Scientific Communication. While obtaining a second bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the City University of New York at Hunter College, she joined the laboratory of Dr. Joel Erblich and became particularly interested in the etiology and development of substance use disorders. She hopes to advance personalized prevention practices and treatment by leveraging behavioral genetics to unravel individual differences that persistently emerge in the study of addiction. Currently, Lauren is investigating the interplay between executive functioning, self-regulation, and problematic substance use.


Lauren is not accepting undergraduate students to mentor at this time.

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Kathleen Martin
Psychology Graduate Student

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Kathleen Martin went to the University of Minnesota for her Bachelor of Science degree. In Minnesota, she worked at the Minneapolis VA and the Minnesota Center for Twin and Family Research where she first became acquainted with behavioral genetics. Currently, she is a fourth-year student in the Clinical Psychology PhD program at Emory University and is interested in behavioral genetic contributions of internalizing and externalizing disorders. She is especially interested in genetic and environmental predictors of opioid use/misuse. Her current projects focus on the overlapping genetic and behavioral architecture of mood/anxiety disorders and opioid use behaviors.


Kathleen is actively recruiting undergraduate research assistants to assist in data cleaning and analysis of many large behavioral datasets that have information on these variables. Prior experience with R is required.


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Ami Ikeda
Psychology Graduate Student

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Ami Ikeda earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of California San Diego and her Master of Arts in Psychology with a concentration in Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience from San Diego State University. Currently, she is a second-year Clinical Psychology graduate student at Emory University and is interested in understanding the genetic and environmental contributions in the development of substance use disorders. Specifically, she is interested in the relationship between teratogens and substance use. She is currently utilizing data from the Adolescent Brain and Cognitive Development Study to examine the relationship between maternal cannabis during pregnancy and childhood alcohol sipping.


Ami is not currently accepting undergraduate students to mentor.

Natalia Jaume-Feliciosi
Psychology Graduate Student

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Natalia Jaume-Feliciosi completed her undergraduate degree at UW-Madison, earning a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Neurobiology. Currently, she is a second-year Clinical Psychology student and her research interests are regarding stress and traumatic events, specifically how stress or trauma affects one’s substance use. She is also interested in the occurrence of poly-substance use, and the motivations that underlie use of multiple substances at once. Natalia is interested in examining these relationships across the COVID-19 pandemic, marginalized populations, and across different substance combinations. Her current projects are about a) motivations for poly-substance use across alcohol, tobacco and marijuana users; b) substance use outcomes and motivations across the COVID-19 pandemic, c) coping methods during the COVID-19 pandemic and their effect on substance use.


Natalia is not currently accepting undergraduate students to mentor.

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Colette Delawalla
Psychology Graduate Student

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Colette Delawalla graduated from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis with a B.A. in Psychology and most recently completed her Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology and Master of Science in Quantitative Psychology at Ball State University. She is a first year Clinical Science PhD student and is interested in continuing to investigate impulsivity and disinhibition as transdiagnostic dimensions of externalizing psychopathology. Colette plans to integrate her personality and assessment background with behavioral genetics methodology to address questions related to disinhibited behavior associated with substance use.

Colette is not recruiting undergraduate research assistants.

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