Staff Members

Katherine Miller
Research Interviewer

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Katherine Miller graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with minors in Biology and Philosophy, and is pursuing a PhD in Clinical Psychology. Her research interests are adolescent depression and anxiety, specifically in improving treatment quality and accessibility. Currently, her work is largely in participant recruitment efforts for the MAPme Study on Emory’s campus, as well as on the campuses of the lab’s collaborators.

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Samantha Cassidy
Laboratory Assistant

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Samantha Cassidy graduated from Emory University in 2021 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. As an undergraduate student, she was a MAPme Ambassador and an Undergraduate Research Assistant, conducting several independent research projects. Samantha’s honors thesis examined the association between the polygenic risk scores of the Big Five personality factors, lifetime repeated cannabis use, and cannabis use disorder and their respective phenotypes in cannabis users of European ancestry. Her research interests are focused on the predictors of substance use behaviors, particularly psychopathologies. Currently, she is a Laboratory Assistant, working on a project that examines the association between the genetic risk for alcohol use and PTSD with drinking behaviors in African Americans. Samantha will be attending Kent State University starting in Fall 2022 to earn her PhD in Clinical Psychology, under the supervision of Dr. William Lechner.

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Rameez Syed
Bioinformatics Analyst

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Rameez Syed received his graduate degree from Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada in Statistical and data analysis. He worked in Queen’s University, Canada as a part of the genetics study of mental disorders, like schizophrenia and autism spectrum disorder using genome-wide association analysis. His role in the lab is to perform statistical analyses of databases comprising omics data, generate pipelines for wide arrays of datasets, and manage different databases with team collaboration.

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