Dalora Najera
Lab Manager & MapMe Coordinator

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Dalora has experience providing mental health and addictions counseling to individuals who face intersecting risk-factors for problem substance use, mood disorders, and chronic health problems. She has assisted with research in health disparities related to substance use outcomes and behavioral interventions to modify behaviors implicated in the continuation of substance use disorders. She conceptualizes behavioral health along a continuum that varies throughout the lifespan (developmental) and is interested in understanding how cognitive and biopsychosocial factors interact to influence health behaviors such as substance use.

Clare Ubersax
Undergraduate Member

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Anthropology & Human Biology Major, History Minor

Being a part of a large family and having four siblings, including a set of fraternal twins, Clare was always intrigued the fact that siblings, who share genes and environment, can grow up to lead to different lives. She would like to specifically examine how genetic and environmental factors influence the development of mental health issues, including substance abuse problems. Furthermore, she would like to examine different environments and how socioeconomic status can influence these outcomes.

Karlye Phillips

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Karlye is a Research Coordinator on a study exploring the effects of trauma-sensitive yoga on posttraumatic stress disorder and depression symptoms with the Veteran Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) in Atlanta, Georgia. Her research interests include the contribution of co-occurring metabolic syndrome, anxiety, and stress-related disorders to premature senescence. She is also interested in developmental and psychosocial consequences of trauma on children and families. Karlye has presented on post-traumatic stress disorder at several local and national conferences.

Andrew Boateng-Poku
Undergraduate Research Assistant

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Psychology Major – Class of 2018

Andrew is continuing his work with the lab by studying the relationship between social support, stress, depression and substance use in African American adults.

Maddy Gordon
Undergraduate Research Assistant

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Psychology Major,  Religion Minor – Class of 2018

Maddy is is interested in how variables such as stress, socioeconomic status, gender, and mental illness can contribute to substance use disorders, particularly in college-aged students. She is continuing her work with the lab by exploring the potential role of religiosity and social support in risk for substance use from childhood to young adulthood. She hopes to pursue a career in education, with a specific focus on a population with emotional and behavioral difficulties.

Pamela Romero
Undergraduate Research Assistant/Research Assistant

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Pamela is currently a doctoral student at the University of Colorado Boulder. She works under Drs. Ehringer and Keller studying the unique bio-environmental factors that predispose minority groups to certain drugs and their unique challenges towards rehabilitation.