MAPme Spring 2020 Poster Session

Welcome to the virtual MAPme Spring 2020 Poster Session! See below for links to individual poster presentations and a playlist of all presentations.

Presenter (Poster Link) Title (Video Link)
Anjali Agarwal Association among Family Income, Perceived Stress, and Alcohol Use in First-Year Students of Emory University’s Class of 2022
Ayushi Agarwal Evidence of Polysubstance Use Among First-Year College Students
Bilal Mohsin & Greta Wilker Association Between Caffeine Usage and Stress During the First Year of College
Suzie Waltzer & Lindsay Guyette Analyzing the Relationship Between Caffeine Use, Impulsivity, and Stress Among First-Year Undergraduate
Tori Huggins & Mary Kan How do students’ leadership involvement and perceived stress impact their binge drinking behavior?
Maia Amellio A Comparison of Substance Use Surveys in College Students
Nha Ta & Evan Kraushaar Perceived Stress and Neuroticism as a Predictor of Cannabis Use Among First-Year College Students
Sri Ponnazhagan Investigating the Moderating Effect of Working Memory on the Relationship between Motivational Systems and Cannabis Use
Andrew Spencer & Suman Atluri The Relationship Between Impulsivity and Social Motivation on Substance Use in College Students
Priya Yadav & Sally Kim The Relationship Between Personality, Stress, and Frequency of Caffeine Use Among Undergraduate Students
Tatiana Bennett & Carson Sanford The Effect of Personality Traits on Daily Drinking Habits in College Students
Dr. Chelsie Benca-Bachman & Yijin Xiang Bidirectional Relations between Sleep and Alcohol Use in First Year College Students
Samantha Cassidy Personality and Mood Determinants of Marijuana Use During the First Year of College