Thank you for your interest in the BGA lab. I accept individuals from a variety of training backgrounds including psychology, sociology, anthropology, molecular biology, statistical genetics, behavioral neuroscience, computer science, or statistics.

Please visit the individual recruitment pages for undergraduates, and graduate students, and postdoctoral fellowships.

Anyone who pleases is welcome to attend our laboratory meetings on Friday afternoons at 12:00-1:30 PM EST in PAIS 280 during the academic year (August – April).

****A special note to graduate student applicants: The BGA laboratory is primarily a computational/statistical laboratory that conducts and analyses population and community survey/clinical assessments. All wet lab components are outsourced. Consequently, for graduate students, Dr. Palmer provides training in behavior genetics which can be applied in the following areas of addiction psychology: clinical science, behavioral/systems neuroscience, cognitive science, and developmental psychology.