System Genetics of Complex Behaviors & Cognitive Functioning (SYSGEN)

Identifying genes that affect susceptibility to alcohol and other substance use disorders (addiction), as well as comorbid behaviors/traits, is an important step to reducing the economic cost (~$150 billion) of drug addiction in America. Polygenicity and phenotypical heterogeneity of addiction have thus far impeded identification of significant gene sets. This study will attempt to describe the genetic architecture of addiction utilizing a novel integrative approach. SYSGEN projects are funded by various sources, including the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (K01, AA021113) and the National Institute on Drug Abuse (R01 DA042742)

External Collaborators: Drs. Elissa Chesler, Jason Bubier, Andrew Heath, Valerie Knopik, Arthur Lander, James MacKillop, Ming Li, John McGeary, Ben Raphael, Peter Visscher, Jingjing Yang, Leslie Brick, Lauren Micalizzi, Naomi Friedman, Andrew Smolen.