If you are interested in the BGA-Lab for graduate studies, complete the lab application and contact Dr. Rohan Palmer for details.

Graduate students in the BGA-Lab must meet the following requirements:

  1. Undergraduate course in Introduction to Genetics (Genetics I) [with a grade of B or better]
  2. Molecular Genetics or Gene Expression/Bioinformatics [year 2 of graduate studies]
  3. GLM (Multivariate Regression) and SEM/HLM [year 3 of graduate studies]

Graduate students are also required to:

  1. Attend all weekly lab meetings
  2. Along with the lab director, lab manager, and post-doctoral fellows, mentor and direct undergraduate research assistants (URAs) towards completion of individual research projects.
  3. Learn R and Mplus

All students interested in graduate studies in psychology at Emory University must apply to the Laney Graduate School. The application can be found here.