Emory @lanta is a collaborative effort by the Spring 2014 Digital Media class at Emory University. The course, which was taken by journalism majors and minors, aims to promote digital-first thinking and web literacy. The site’s goal is to get fellow Emory students “out of the bubble” and into the rest of Atlanta.

Abi Averill is a pre-med student and former features intern with Emory Magazine. She will graduate with a degree in Journalism and Middle Eastern Studies in 2015 and plans to pursue a career in medicine or public policy. A Los Angeles native, Abi is an avid runner and yogi, and she loves all things outdoors.

Chelsea Cariker is a senior  from St. Louis, co-majoring in journalism and political science. She has interned at both the AJC’s print and online departments and hopes to one day be an investigative reporter, but at this point in her budding career will take any journalism job she can get.

Laura Coburn, a junior from Houston, is a journalism and sociology co-major at Emory University. She has started out her Journalism career working in print at Free Press Houston. Laura then transitioned over to television working with CNN’s Medical Unit under Sanjay Gupta. She now works with the On-Air Promotion team at CNN in Atlanta. She hopes to one day work in broadcast journalism, possibly as a field producer.

Bryan Cronan is a native of Griffin, Ga., and a senior studying journalism and international studies. He has interned at several Atlanta news organizations including the AJC, Creative Loafing and Atlanta magazine.

Caroline Eggers, Emory Class of 2015, is co-majoring in journalism and creative writing. Born and raised in northwestern Kentucky, Eggers loves gymnastics, cheerleading, dancing and music festivals. In her free time, she loves exploring Atlanta’s dance clubs and music scene.

Kristen Ellingboe, originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Kristen is a senior majoring in journalism and political science. She is interested in political journalism and has previously interned with Atlanta Magazine and Policymic.

Emelia Fredlick is a junior from Chicago, Ill. co-majoring in dance and journalism. She is currently the editor of the Arts and Entertainment section of the Emory Wheel, and her work has also appeared in Atlanta magazine and Time Out Chicago. She will be spending this upcoming summer as the books intern for Paste magazine in Decatur, Ga.

John Keuler is a sophomore from Fayetteville, Ga., majoring in journalism and English. He has previously written for Fayette County News and is currently working with Uloop News in the sports group.

Sofia Kouninis is a human biology anthropology major and journalism minor. When she isn’t doing homework, she works as an Advanced EMT.

Armaan Nathani is a sophomore from Manhattan majoring in pre-business.

Malaika Nicholas is a senior studying journalism and English. You can find her work in Sister 2 Sister magazine, The Emory Wheel, Black Star magazine and at BlackStarEmory.com, Charge Magazine, and EricaVain.com.

Carlyn Shear is a junior co-majoring in journalism and sociology. She has interned at Creative Loafing Atlanta as well as Easy Eats magazine. She hopes to eventually work as a health and wellness writer.

David Shortell is from West Hartford, Conn., studying political science and journalism with an interest in international journalism.

Ryan Smith, a sophomore, was born and raised in Villanova, Pa. Majoring in journalism, Ryan has worked for the Main Line Times in his hometown, and is the sports editor of the Emory Wheel.

Alexis Suh is a junior at Emory majoring in international studies and journalism. She has interned at Korea Daily, where she wrote articles in both English and Korean. Her interests lie in exploring the Asian-American identity and its political, legal and cultural implications.