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Old Westside Plow Factory: King of the Atlanta Dubstep Scene

Terminal West during a concert. Photo by BurnAway via Flickr

A century ago, farming equipment was constructed in the King Plow factory off of West Marietta Street. The factory was renovated and is now the King Plow Arts Center and hosts more than 65 different establishments. Terminal West is just one of the numerous tenants that inhabit the industrial complex today. Where steel and iron were once molded into plows, (nice) modern music resonates within the aged building whenever Terminal West hosts a show in its 7,000 square foot property.

Terminal West took advantage of the electronic dance music craze in 2012, earning the title of Best New Venue from Creative Loafing. Referred to as “the house that dub step built” by Creative Loafing, the venue now hosts anything from its original electronic beats to other tunes like rock and R&B. However, Terminal West stays true to its electronic roots with an advanced light system that complements any DJs that may step onto the stage.

Terminal West gives viewers not only a musical experience but a visual experience, too. Using the combinations of sight and sound, Terminal West boasts on its website that visitors will have “unforgettable nights of music.” Furthering its appeal, the venue added a feature in 2013, adding a third sense to its arsenal, the sense of taste.

The extension of Terminal West is a restaurant called Stationside because of its direct proximity to railroad tracks across the street. Stationside serves lunch from 11 a.m.. to 2 p.m.. on Tuesdays through Fridays, and whenever Terminal West has a show at night. Stationside pulls together its array of sandwiches with local ingredients and also offers gluten-free and vegetarian options.

Contrasting the history surrounding it, Terminal West and Stationside both bring a modern vibe to a historic area. Depending on when you visit, the venue offers the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a new world of music or to enjoy your lunch break while overlooking railroad tracks on the balcony.

Terminal West Website

Provisions that shine like stars

sp outside

As you walk into the light and airy interior of Star Provisions, a café and marketplace in the Westside Provisions District it is hard to imagine the location’s past life as a meatpacking warehouse.  Instead of what I can only imagine to be the unpleasant odors of raw sausage, the mingling aromas of baked goods and grilled sandwiches greet you.  Of course all those delicious smells do not make figuring out what to order any easier.  But, once you do manage that feat, I find the real fun begins.

The line to order isn’t short, but trust me and wait it out.

The café’s adjacent shop is filled with everything from oddball trinkets, like dishware made out of driftwood, to entire rooms dedicated to cheese and charcuterie.  Because of my undying love affair with cheese, the cheese shop is easily my favorite room and without fail I spend at least 10 minutes inside perusing the cheese selection.  I have to restrain myself (with great difficulty) from trying and then buying them all.

But luckily, by the time I’ve sampled a couple of cheeses, my food is usually ready and I find a spot at one of the counters to sit down and dig in.  I’ve never been disappointed in the food at Star Provisions, but I especially liked my most recent combination of the Mediterranean salad and pecan sticky bun.  I told myself that on some level the greens canceled out the luscious dessert.  And, to the credit of my often-spotty self-restraint, I only ate approximately a quarter of the bun by myself and shared the rest with friends who had come to lunch with me.  Some other stars of the meal were the frittata with goat cheese, leeks, Brussels sprouts, and herbs and the catfish sandwich.

After finishing our food, we decided we were too full to simply drive back to campus so we walked around, exploring WPD more than I ever had on past visits.  The complex is definitely upscale with stores like Billy Reid, Free People, and Anthropologie.  But, even if all of your shopping consists of the window variety, as mine did, it’s still enjoyable to explore.  And hey, a girl can always dream about the days when that Emory education pays off and she shops in the store not just outside of it.

the WPD's past industrial life can still be felt today
the WPD’s past industrial life can still be felt today


The Paintings of Peachtree

The Paintings of Peachtree

A glance at Midtown Atlanta’s art scene

  1. Known for its vibrant culture, Midtown is blossoming into one
    of Atlanta’s hottest neighborhoods. Midtown is Atlanta’s heart of the arts. From street art to esteemed museums, Midtown is home to some of the best artwork
    in the city. While there is no shortage of renowned artists featured in the museums,
    many of the galleries introduce up-and-coming talent.

  2. The High Museum of Art is the leading art museum in the southeastern United States. With more than 13,000 pieces of artwork, the collection houses everything from the classics to the contemporary.
  3. The Birthday Girl With Her Favorite Painting. Dragon (Drache) by Anslem Kiefer. @nicomeadows #modernart #highmuseum #anslemkiefer #vsco #vscocam
  4. High Museum of Art, Atlanta
  5. While the High Museum is the most famous in Atlanta, Midtown is lined with noteworthy museums and galleries. Just across the street, The Museum of Design Atlanta highlights creativity through design.
  6. Atlanta – Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA)
  7. MODA even curated a competition in the form of a museum exhibition. Emerging artists collaborated with interior and set designers to showcase unique, original designs.
  8. MODA | The South’s Next Wave Design Challenge
  9. #5ThingsToDoToday ‘Alchemy 3’ at Beep Beep Gallery, Dave Nelson and Marlon Patton at the Goat Farm 
  10. Midtown does not have a specific art district. The neighohood is peppered with numerous hidden gems. Beep Beep Gallery is one of them — tucked away on Charles Allen Drive, the gallery is home to eclectic artwork created by emerging Atlanta artists. Rumor has it that their exhibition openings, or parties, are the place to be if you’re one of the “cool kids.”
  11. Mentions and buzz for Beep Beep Gallery:  – RT @carolinecox All the cool kids will be at beep beep gallery tonight …
  12. Beep Beep Gallery always has something exciting to honk about.
  13. What it is my playurr partner art soldiers? We …
  14. “Gold Party” featuring 7 new artists opens this Saturday at Beep Beep! 
  15. Gold Party’s looking great on the walls. See y’all at the opening Saturday.
  16. The Robert Matre Gallery displays artist Robert Matre’s own photography and a collection of unique modern paintings and sculptures. The gallery is known for its “bold, vibrant and impactful works.” Rotating exhibitions feature both national and international, emerging, and established contemporary artists.
  17. In Midtown, art is not just in the galleries, but on the city’s walls, streets and bridges. The shots below are just a taste of how street art brings the neighborhood to life.
  18. Whattup Blood?? Got a quick shot as I was leaving the dog park today..Anybody wanna venture around Piedmont Park soon?
  19. Whether you set out for a day at the museum or are dashing between a tattoo shop and a bistro, keep you eyes open because you’ll be sure to experience some of Atlanta’s finest art.


3 Places to Head for Laughs in Midtown

3 Places to Head for Laughs in Midtown

What’s on tap is a top priority for bar hoppers all over Atlanta. The headlining act is the initial inquiry to come from live music fanatics. But the question Atlantans should start asking more often is, “Who’s delivering the punchline tonight?”

  1. Atlanta
    was named America’s funniest city in August of 2013 by Movoto Blog, a real
    estate blog that gives rankings out to deserving locations in a variety of categories
    search engine. College students in Atlanta may know the best bars in Buckhead,
    but comedy clubs present a source of entertainment for those who can’t legally
    drink yet. The comedy clubs below are all located near Midtown and are among
    the top five highest rated comedy clubs in Atlanta, according to

  2. This is Dad’s Garage Theatre Company performing in Berlin. They perform at 7 Stages in Little Five Points on Euclid Road.
  3. Improv Theatre “Dad’s Garage” Hollywood-style Long Form Essential-Cut
  4. A promo for their Youtube Channel.
  5. Dad’s Garage TV Promo – Totally NOT PORN
  6. An example of the shenanigans employed by Dad’s Garage in shows.
  7. Today I improvised with a squid taped to my head. Thanks @dads_garage, that’s a thing that really happened.
  8. The Village Theatre is rather young, starting in 2008, but it was featured on a news report at it’s location on Decatur Street in 2009.

  9. Village Theatre on Better Morning in Atlanta
  10. An example of one of the Village Theatre’s shows called Armando.
  11. Village Theatre Atlanta – Armando Sample
  12. The cast of Armando just after a show.
  13. The Laughing Skull is the most renowned comedy club in the city, boasting an impressive lineup, and can be found in the Vortex at 878 Peachtree Street.
  14. Here are Tweets that were in the audience for Sunday night’s show.
  15. @kylekinane just crushed it at the Laughing Skull Lounge. So awesome to see in person. #imnotaweirdo
  16. .@kylekinane was great at Laughing Skull. Was money well spent. Also, now it’s #fuckthefiredept instead of #fuckthepolice. Thanks drunk lady
  17. Laughing Skull Lounge TV on Youtube.
  18. All three comedy club locations are only miles apart!


Atlanta Pride Festival



When you walk into Atlanta Pride Festival festival, you can immediately feel the energy.


Walking through Midtown’s Piedmont Park, you’ll witness the most raveshing costumes. From todlers in strollers to elderly couples with families, festival-goers eat, drink, sing and dance the day away.unnamed-5

Whether you’re in the mood for a vegan wrap or fried chicken, there’s something for everyone. The food and beverage options are as diverse as the crowd.



But the true meaning of the celebration can be seen on the countless signs marked with words of pride — pride for who they are and the rights they deserve.


Atlanta Pride celebrates for an entire weekend, with numerous events from day to night. The parade is the culminating event and is a time for the LGBT community to congregrate in an elaborate celebration.


Atlanta organizations and businesses join together to march for a shared cause. Colorful banners, waving flags, dazzling costumes and blasting music keep the party going until sunset.


Making more and more progress each year, the LGBT community has plenty to celebrate. Eight states added marriage equality in the past year. More than 10 million people changed their profile picture to the HRC red equality logo during two marriage equality Supreme Court cases. The U.S. Senate passed the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, moving toward workplace protection for all American citizens.


Time to get planning for next year’s annual Pride Festival and Parade!