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The Paintings of Peachtree

The Paintings of Peachtree

A glance at Midtown Atlanta’s art scene

  1. Known for its vibrant culture, Midtown is blossoming into one
    of Atlanta’s hottest neighborhoods. Midtown is Atlanta’s heart of the arts. From street art to esteemed museums, Midtown is home to some of the best artwork
    in the city. While there is no shortage of renowned artists featured in the museums,
    many of the galleries introduce up-and-coming talent.

  2. The High Museum of Art is the leading art museum in the southeastern United States. With more than 13,000 pieces of artwork, the collection houses everything from the classics to the contemporary.
  3. The Birthday Girl With Her Favorite Painting. Dragon (Drache) by Anslem Kiefer. @nicomeadows #modernart #highmuseum #anslemkiefer #vsco #vscocam
  4. High Museum of Art, Atlanta
  5. While the High Museum is the most famous in Atlanta, Midtown is lined with noteworthy museums and galleries. Just across the street, The Museum of Design Atlanta highlights creativity through design.
  6. Atlanta – Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA)
  7. MODA even curated a competition in the form of a museum exhibition. Emerging artists collaborated with interior and set designers to showcase unique, original designs.
  8. MODA | The South’s Next Wave Design Challenge
  9. #5ThingsToDoToday ‘Alchemy 3’ at Beep Beep Gallery, Dave Nelson and Marlon Patton at the Goat Farm 
  10. Midtown does not have a specific art district. The neighohood is peppered with numerous hidden gems. Beep Beep Gallery is one of them — tucked away on Charles Allen Drive, the gallery is home to eclectic artwork created by emerging Atlanta artists. Rumor has it that their exhibition openings, or parties, are the place to be if you’re one of the “cool kids.”
  11. Mentions and buzz for Beep Beep Gallery:  – RT @carolinecox All the cool kids will be at beep beep gallery tonight …
  12. Beep Beep Gallery always has something exciting to honk about.
  13. What it is my playurr partner art soldiers? We …
  14. “Gold Party” featuring 7 new artists opens this Saturday at Beep Beep! 
  15. Gold Party’s looking great on the walls. See y’all at the opening Saturday.
  16. The Robert Matre Gallery displays artist Robert Matre’s own photography and a collection of unique modern paintings and sculptures. The gallery is known for its “bold, vibrant and impactful works.” Rotating exhibitions feature both national and international, emerging, and established contemporary artists.
  17. In Midtown, art is not just in the galleries, but on the city’s walls, streets and bridges. The shots below are just a taste of how street art brings the neighborhood to life.
  18. Whattup Blood?? Got a quick shot as I was leaving the dog park today..Anybody wanna venture around Piedmont Park soon?
  19. Whether you set out for a day at the museum or are dashing between a tattoo shop and a bistro, keep you eyes open because you’ll be sure to experience some of Atlanta’s finest art.


Out of my element: my pedicure at Sugarcoat Salon

photo(4)It was Sunday, Feb. 9, 2014. I had been alive for 20 years and 13 days. I was sitting in a padded chair at Virginia-Highland’s Sugarcoat Salon, and I was about to receive the first pedicure of my life.

I glanced at the tub of water at my feet, nervously looked back at my pedicurist—a pleasant, middle-aged woman who introduced herself to me as Essie—and blurted out the first thing that came to my mind.

“Is this gonna hurt?”

Essie laughed and shook her head. I remained unconvinced, and opted for something called the “Essential” purely because it sounded the least threatening of the available services.

I was treated to a long and nerve-wracking process that was definitely not intended to be long and nerve-wracking. Sugarcoat did everything right—the chairs were comfortable, the water was warm, and the employees were friendly—but I found it difficult to fully enjoy the experience, because, well, this woman was looking at my feet. My feet are disgusting. Even I don’t enjoy looking at my feet. This is not an experience I would wish upon anyone, let alone for an extended period of time. As the water turned less and less blue and more and more foot-gunk-colored, I made a mental note to leave Essie a sizable tip.

I’m in rare company, apparently. Essie told me that Sugarcoat only gets a male customer every two or three weeks, and even then it’s usually a man coming with his wife. I had no such excuse, only my friend sitting to my right and gleefully snapping photos. The whole process was over sooner than I expected—the Essential took 20 minutes at most, ending abruptly when I politely turned down coloring.

Sugarcoat itself is a fine establishment, at least from what I can tell from my limited salon expertise. For one thing, it was named to Atlanta magazine’s “Best of Atlanta 2013” list. It’s also small, intimate, and very pink, sandwiched pleasantly between a pair of larger shops. Most importantly, the windows are strategically placed so as not to allow prying eyes to confirm that yes, that is Ryan from my physics class getting his nails done. I left with wet feet and no complaints.

I’m not going to speak definitively on whether or not I’ll be visiting again, but I will say that I thoroughly examined my feet in the passenger seat on the ride back home, and came away very pleasantly surprised.

Contact Sugarcoat here:

256 Pharr Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305



WonderRoot: saving the world, one artist at a time

Imagine a place where creativity goes to flourish. Where artistic and creative types convene to develop their work. Where artists are empowered to engage their community through the arts.

A place where art is thought of as a tool for social change.

Photo Credit – Creative Loafing Atlanta

This place is WonderRoot (, a nonprofit organization with the mission is to “unite artists and community to inspire positive social change.” The organization, which was founded in 2004, has many facets. There is the Arts Center, which is located at 982 Memorial Dr. SE and houses a community garden, community library, performance venue, darkroom, ceramics, screenprinting and recording studios, digital media lab and a gallery. WonderRoot provides access to computers (loaded with software) and wireless Internet. Members of WonderRoot pay either $10 a month, or $60 for the year and get access to all that the organization has to offer.

Past events at the organization have included:

  1. Power2Give: Loose Change Magazine – Building Community Through the Written Word – WonderRoot’s literary magazine, Loose Change, is eligible for a grant through the City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs. According to the WonderRoot website, the $10,000 grant will support Loose Change to “publish a second print issue, conduct three additional writing competitions, launch the inaugural writer in residence program and host a series of community literary events throughout 2013.”
  2. Between Passages – A showcase of color photographs by Nicole Akstein, from her time living in rural northeast India, where she taught art and photography classes to elementary students in the Dhampur Sugar Mills in Dhampus, Uttar Pradesh.  Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri., Sat., 12 p.m. – 10 p.m. through Fri. March 15.
  3. Music Show — $5 show on March 13 at 9 p.m. featuring Lux Noise, D. Charles Speer and the Helix, Jason Howell and Jesse Nighswonger. Join the Facebook Event here:

Atlanta Pride Festival



When you walk into Atlanta Pride Festival festival, you can immediately feel the energy.


Walking through Midtown’s Piedmont Park, you’ll witness the most raveshing costumes. From todlers in strollers to elderly couples with families, festival-goers eat, drink, sing and dance the day away.unnamed-5

Whether you’re in the mood for a vegan wrap or fried chicken, there’s something for everyone. The food and beverage options are as diverse as the crowd.



But the true meaning of the celebration can be seen on the countless signs marked with words of pride — pride for who they are and the rights they deserve.


Atlanta Pride celebrates for an entire weekend, with numerous events from day to night. The parade is the culminating event and is a time for the LGBT community to congregrate in an elaborate celebration.


Atlanta organizations and businesses join together to march for a shared cause. Colorful banners, waving flags, dazzling costumes and blasting music keep the party going until sunset.


Making more and more progress each year, the LGBT community has plenty to celebrate. Eight states added marriage equality in the past year. More than 10 million people changed their profile picture to the HRC red equality logo during two marriage equality Supreme Court cases. The U.S. Senate passed the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, moving toward workplace protection for all American citizens.


Time to get planning for next year’s annual Pride Festival and Parade!