OERs are a great sources of images!

I am somewhat familiar with OER’s. The main way I have found them very helpful is for incorporating images into my classes. I often will use images—sometimes just to provide color, but more often as a way of helping students to see the varieties of ways a text can be interpreted. Artists make decisions about interpreting passages of scripture, and looking at a variety of ways a single passage of scripture has been portrayed can help the students to notice things about the passage and give them a sense of the kinds of decisions interpreters make.


The OER I usually use for this is Wikimedia Commons, which is a searchable database with all kinds of images from various periods. Many of the older images that I’m interested in are in the public domain, but sometimes they have a Creative Commons license. I was not previously aware of the specifics of citing these licenses—I would always cite the artist and URL—so now I have a better sense of how to do this.


I have a question about using OER materials in a Powerpoint presentation. Does the copyright information need to go on the slide so everyone can see it, or is it okay if it’s in the notes?

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