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“KISS” is my approach with this post and seems like a really good approach for online teaching in order to make sure education is Accessible by Universal Design. The technology and methods are so new, interesting and exciting that I need to remember to make sure the message is not lost in the delivery for …

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OERs: 4 ‘Rs,’ 3 Steps and 4 Practices

I was not very familiar with Open Educational Resources (OERs) before completing this module, but think understanding OERs is very important for all types of education, especially for  future innovations. Hilton III, Wiley, Stein, and Johnson (2010) described a useful continuum of Reuse with increasing openness:  1) Reuse, 2) Reuse and Redistribute only, and 3) …

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Heutagogical Learning: Engaged Learned

After reading the article on self-evaluated and self-directed heutagogical learning by Blaschke (2012), and reading the feedback on how to engage students online from colleagues reviewing my syllabus draft, I realized I needed to focus my blog this week on learner-centered learning and assessment.  I also was encouraged to try this in light of work …

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Motivations and Concerns: Online Teaching

I am motivated to learn how to teach online in part because of the trends in online education reported by Allen and Seeman (2013) in Changing Course: Ten Years of Tracking Online Education in the United States. They reported that online education is a strategic priority for almost 70% of academic institutions, increasingly students are …

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