Cleaning up Biological Spills

Minor spills can be safely handled without the assistance of EHSO or emergency response personnel. Spills are considered minor if the volume is less than 100ml.  Here is a simple example.  A researcher is walking to the BSC holding a few test tubes containing blood.  On the way to the BSC, the researcher drops a 10ml tube of blood to the floor.  Since the volume of the spill is less than 100ml, this would be a minor spill.  Major spills can  include biological spills greater than 100ml or biological spills involving highly infectious agents.

Major spills may require the assistance of EHSO or Emergency Response Personnel.  In the event of a major spill laboratory personnel should call EHSO at 7-5922 during business hours or Emory Police (911 from a campus phone or 404-727-6111 from any other phone) after hours.

Cleaning Up Minor Biological Spills:

1. Notify others that a spill has occurred.

2. Remove any contaminated clothing or PPE by folding the contamination inward and dispose of as biohazard waste.

3. Evacuate the spill area.

4. Wash potentially contaminated body parts with germicidal soap. Shower if necessary.

5. Allow time for aerosols to settle before returning to the spill.

6. Don appropriate PPE (ie: lab coat, double gloves, eye protection).

7. Confine the spill to a limited area using absorbent material.

8. Encircle the spill area with appropriate disinfectant (ie: freshly prepared 10% bleach solution) working from the outside of the spill and moving inward.

9. Allow at least 20 minutes of contact time.

10. Clean up the spill materials and dispose of as biohazard waste.

11. If sharps are involved:

A. Use a dustpan and broom or forceps to collect the waste.

B. Dispose of in a sharps container.

12. Wipe down the outside of bags, containers, and equipment involved with

disinfectant and dispose of wipes as biohazard waste.

13. Remove PPE and dispose of as biohazard waste.

14. Wash arms, face, and hands with soap and water.



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