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Report all Accidents, Incidents and Near-misses

Employees who are injured on the job must promptly notify their supervisor and report to Occupational Injury Management according to Emory University Policy 4.93 Workplace Health and Safety. To report an accident, incident or near-miss, see the step-by-step guide: http://www.hr.emory.edu/eu/docs/incident-report-how-to-guide.pdf Log into PeopleSoft to initiate your report: https://hrprod.emory.edu Additional information can be found at the […]

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Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls

By Stephanie Lord EHSO EHS Professional II General Safety and Industrial Hygiene Do you ever think about how to prevent slips, trips and falls? Of course not! Most slips, trips and falls happen because we are distracted and/or do not notice the hazards around us. Hazards and Remedies Spills Clean up any spills or report […]

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Cleaning up Biological Spills

Minor spills can be safely handled without the assistance of EHSO or emergency response personnel. Spills are considered minor if the volume is less than 100ml.  Here is a simple example.  A researcher is walking to the BSC holding a few test tubes containing blood.  On the way to the BSC, the researcher drops a […]

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