FY18 Federal Fringe Rates Effective 9/1/17


Each year Emory negotiates new fringe rates with the federal government. We recently received approval of our FY18 federal fringe rates. The table below represents the university’s finalized fringe benefit rates for fiscal year 2018. Please use these rates for any new proposals. For proposals already routed, please be aware that the new fringe rate will be applied to salary on the award and rebudgeting from other expenses may be necessary. If a proposal using the old rate is currently routing to OSP and the RAS unit wishes to update the rate to reflect the new fringe rate, please work directly with your OSP analyst to update the proposal and the EPEX record.

Fringe Benefit Rates for FY18:

The rate table can be found on the FACS portion of the Controller’s Office website here.

The rates above are effective as of Sept. 1, 2017 and should now be used in all grant proposals. The official signed agreement from DHHS is also now available on the web page linked above.




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