EHSO Research Safety Lab Inspection Top Findings!

Lab inspections are conducted on a routine basis to assist in compliance with regulations, to identify and correct general lab hazards, and to help ensure a safe work environment. Below is a summary of the top findings from our most recent inspection cycle (September 2016-August 2017), and recommended corrective actions.

Item # Item
Corrective Action
2.1 Chemical Containers
are Labeled with Full Chemical
Name and Hazard
Hazard Communication Use pre-printed labels
for common lab reagents.
2.17 Chemical with Special Hazards SOPs are
Completed and Signed
Training & Documentation Use the following EHSO template to create SOPs for chemicals with special hazards: Adapt existing SOPs from UCLA center for laboratory safety ( and adopt for your lab.
1.2 EHSO Training is
Documented in Binder
Training & Documentation Use the EHSO training tracking template to record most recent training dates:
2.3 Chemical Waste Containers are Labeled Waste Use pre-printed labels for routine lab activities chemical waste (HPLC, cell staining):
6.1 PPE Assessment
Completed and Signed
Training & Documentation When onboarding new lab personnel,
review the following PPE assessment with them:

In addition, EHSO has recently updated the inspection “Cheat Sheet” to help researchers correct inspection findings for all items on our inspection form. Please find cheat sheet here:

If you have any questions about inspection findings from your most recent inspection or self-inspection, please contact your Research Building Liaison at the following link:

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