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EHSO Website Updates: Research Safety and Radiation Safety Documents

The following documents were updated recently on the EHSO website: Research Safety documents: Registration Form for Minors Participating in Activities in Research Laboratories http://www.ehso.emory.edu/documents/minors-registration-form.pdf Lab Signage Requirements Form http://www.ehso.emory.edu/documents/lab-signage-requirements-form.pdf Lab Self-Inspection now includes the Corrective Action Plan http://www.ehso.emory.edu/documents/laboratory-self-inspection-form.pdf Radiation Safety documents: Guideline for Radiation Safety Committee Review of Human Research Studies http://www.ehso.emory.edu/documents/guideline-for-rsc-review-of-human-research-studies.pdf

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Be a Ladder Safety Pro! March is Ladder Safety Month

Most people have used a ladder before, either at home or at work – So, what’s the big deal?  It’s just a ladder!  While ladders are inexpensive and useful ways to access elevated areas, they can also be very dangerous or even fatal, if used improperly.  According to a NIOSH study, ladder falls are involved […]

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Inspection Process Changes

Research laboratories need to be inspected or walked-through every year to ensure that any hazard is identified and possible exposure is mitigated. Any item(s) that need to be corrected were usually summarized in the Corrective Action Plan (CAP). In 2018, we are consolidating the self-inspection and the generation of the CAP.   Lab Self-Inspection and […]

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EHSO Research Safety Lab Inspection Top Findings!

Lab inspections are conducted on a routine basis to assist in compliance with regulations, to identify and correct general lab hazards, and to help ensure a safe work environment. Below is a summary of the top findings from our most recent inspection cycle (September 2016-August 2017), and recommended corrective actions. Item # Item Description Item […]

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Reminders to Research Personnel

Are you ready to begin a new school year in your laboratory? August is usually a busy month with students starting a new semester, students lining up rotations, new investigators coming to the University, new hires, and so on. Below are a few reminders from EHSO: ✓ Ensure PI and personnel are current with applicable […]

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Updated Lab Self-Inspection Form

The Laboratory Self-Inspection Form has been updated. Each lab is required to complete a self-inspection every 12 months and upload the Corrective Action Plan to BioRAFT. EHSO Research Safety will use the same form to conduct an inspection of each lab. The Laboratory Self-Inspection Cheat Sheet has also been updated. The inspection process remains the […]

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USDA Inspectors on Campus

USDA inspectors visited Emory University in recent weeks. We’d like to remind you to notify the Biosafety Office when external inspectors arrive or are anticipated. Please contact the USDA liaison Alaina Whitton (Alaina.whitton@emory.edu) for any comments or questions.

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Hazardous Waste Inspection

by Scott Thomaston, Associate Director Environmental Health and Safety Office The Georgia Environmental Protection Division (GA-EPD) conducted a Hazardous Waste Management Program inspection of the Emory campus on Wednesday December 2, 2015. Points of waste generation were evaluated that included laboratories, Campus Services, and Healthcare Operations. The inspector focused on container management (integrity, label, and […]

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GA Department of Natural Resources (GA DNR) Inspection Update

In June of this year, GA DNR visited Emory’s campus for an inspection regarding our Radioactive Materials License. The recent inspection of Emory by GA DNR identified one deficiency in our practices. GA DNR requires those who supervise radioactivity users to have documentation of completed refresher training in order to maintain compliance with the Radiation […]

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Laboratory Self-Inspection Corrective Action Plan

Each year, the Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHSO) requires all Emory labs to conduct a laboratory self inspection. The Self-Inspection is a method we use to enable labs to become more familiar with safety requirements. We also want to improve the labs’ ability to proactively address common safety issues. Labs in each research building […]

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