Inspection Process Changes

Research laboratories need to be inspected or walked-through every year to ensure that any hazard is identified and possible exposure is mitigated. Any item(s) that need to be corrected were usually summarized in the Corrective Action Plan (CAP). In 2018, we are consolidating the self-inspection and the generation of the CAP.


Lab Self-Inspection and Corrective Action Plan Forms

We have simplified the self-inspection process! The corrective action plan (CAP) and lab self-inspection form are now in one document. A new column has been added to the self-inspection form where you can write your corrective actions for each line item.

How to use the new form:

  1. Print and complete by hand.
  2. Scan and upload to BioRAFT. Instructions are provided in the form.
  3. Store the paper form in your lab safety binder.

The “CAP” form has been removed from the EHSO website.

How does this change affect your lab?

Your lab is still required to complete a self-inspection every 12 months. We will continue to accept “CAP” forms from self-inspections conducted within the last 12 months (between January 2017 -December 2017).

You will need to use the new self-inspection/CAP form when completing the lab self-inspection for 2018.

Inspection Schedule and Frequency

Our goal is to inspect each lab on campus once per fiscal year (FY) (FY18 started in September 2017 and ends in August 2018). Our inspection schedule does vary between FYs, however the frequency of inspection for a department is not affected by this.

EHSO Inspection Reports

With the rollout of BioRAFT nearly complete for the campus, we will now use BioRAFT to send EHSO inspection reports and individual inspection scorecards. For future reference, these communications are saved in the “Correspondence” section of your lab profile. Since these records are available in BioRAFT, there is no need to print out EHSO inspection reports for your lab safety binder.

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