Biological, Chemical and Chemicals in Animals Registrations/Forms Review in 2018






The use of biological materials and chemicals in the laboratory or in animals require the review and approval of the Biosafety Office. Biological and Chemical Registrations, as well as, Chemicals in Animals Forms are maintained in BioRAFT. We are making efforts to synchronize the review of all modules to occur at around the same time each year. Thus, if you are prompted to review your Biological registration, please go ahead and review your Chemical registration and Chemicals in Animals Form/s (if applicable).

How to conduct your Annual Updates in 2018

  • Update the Hazard Assessment checklist
  • Check personnel list is up to date; contact if you need to add an individual*
  • Upload Consolidated Lab Self-Inspection Form and Corrective Action Plan for the next calendar year
  • To review your Biological Registration:
    • Click on Bio Summary
    • Click View or Update Biological Usage Summary
    • Review surveys and forms for needed biological agents. If PI has more than one project form (i.e. more than one biosafety approval), all project forms should be reviewed during the update.
    • Click Certify
    • Ensure that all personnel have updated their training and have provided Hepatitis B documentation, if applicable
    • Biosafety Approvals with the NIH Guidelines classification of III-C, III-D, or III-E submitted in 2012 or 2015 will be reviewed by the IBC in 2018.
  • To update your Chemical Registration:
    • Click Chem tab
    • Click View Live Chem Usage Summary
    • Click edit to update your Chemical Usage Survey
    • Once you reach the end of the survey, you will have the option of adding the Highly Hazardous Chemicals in your lab
    • If you have an Excel spreadsheet, please send it to
    • Click Certify
  • To update your Chemicals in Animals Form (formerly known as Chemical Safety Approval)
    • Click Manage Lab Forms on the left menu
    • Click on the Chemicals in Animals Form
    • Click edit to make any changes
    • Save and submit

*To add personnel, send full name of individual and project number to The Research Safety program will check training and Hepatitis B documentation (if applicable), add name to electronic registration, and issue the amended approval letter.

**If a new project needs to be added, please contact to request access to BioRAFT.

***For questions related to accessing BioRAFT contact

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