Physician Fringe Rate Established for FY 2020

Beginning in FY 2020, Emory will have a new fringe rate for faculty physician employees.  Our faculty physician employees are unique because of their dual appointment positions within the University and Healthcare and across our tripartite missions: research, teaching and clinical care delivery. Physicians currently have some of their benefits funded by the University fringe benefit pool and others charged as actuals to the departments funding the salary dollars. The different processes to cover fringe benefits cost has resulted in some areas paying more than their annual share and others less. A thorough analysis was completed with all enterprise stakeholders to review the issues and come up with solutions.  To more equitably distribute costs, to reduce administrative burden and complexity and to allow Emory Healthcare to better respond to competitive market conditions, it was decided an additional fringe pool for physicians was the most appropriate and effective solution. All credentialed physicians will become part of this new pool, allowing physician costs and recoveries to be separately tracked from the main pool, and creating a unique fringe rate for this group of employees.

This new rate will apply to all physician wages, whether their salary is charged into the University, Emory Clinic or other Healthcare units, ensuring an equitable distribution of benefit costs.  The new physician fringe rates will apply to all physician pay after 9/1/19.

The new fringe benefit rates must be used for proposal development for all proposals due on or after April 1, 2019 and may be used immediately if desired.

A new job aid is being developed for RAS staff to assist in identifying credentialed physicians to whom the new Physician rate will apply.

A training session will also be held on Monday, March 25th from noon – 1:00pm in Café Montage in the 1599 building.

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