Undergraduate Research Spotlight

Dyer lab undergraduate research assistants, Eric Park and Xander Grayson presented their work as poster presentations this week during research symposia at Emory.

Eric standing by his poster at the SIRE research symposium.
Xander discussing his work with Prof. Dyer.








Xander works with Sam on synthesizing non-natural tryptophan analogues for applications in fluorescence spectroscopy of proteins. Eric also has a synthetic project, creating photo-caged CO complexes to implement in mechanistic studies of hydrogenase enzymes.  Both have worked hard all year and are valuable members of the Dyer lab. 

Thanks for all your work!

1st Annual Greater Atlanta Chemical Biology Symposium

Helen and Brooke presented posters on Saturday, April 21st at the 1st Annual Greater Atlanta Chemical Biology Symposium, held at Emory University. The conference aims to “build and foster a collegial group of scientists at the interface of chemistry and biology. [The organizers] will strive to both develop future leaders of the field and enhance the scientific community throughout the southeast with new collaborations, resources, and programs.”

After a thoroughly enjoyable day of multidisciplinary lectures, posters, and networking, we look forward to next year’s Symposium, to be held at the University of Georgia in Athens.

Enzyme Conference

On Saturday April 7th, Brooke and Rachel attended and presented posters at the 9th annual Southeast Enzyme Conference at Georgia State University.

Brooke presenting a poster about her work crystallizing pig heart LDH.
Rachel with her poster about light-driven enzyme dynamics, where she uses DHFR-decorated gold nanoparticles.








The conference, founded by Giovanni Gadda, aims to connect researchers who study a wide variety of enzyme structures,  functions, and mechanisms. Brooke and Rachel joined other members of Emory Chemistry from the Wienert and Lutz labs who are regular contributors to the meeting.