David White


Group Member Since 2020

B.S. Troy University, 2017

Current CV

I have always been fascinated by enzymes, how they function and how to best utilize them to make chemistry more sustainable. My research experience has centered on exploring diverse topics in enzymology ranging from deciphering intricate mechanisms to analyzing evolutionary relationships in protein families.

The overarching objective of my current research in the Dyer lab is the conversion of solar energy into usable fuels via redox enzymes. Specifically, I am working on two projects: photoreduction of CO2 using carbon monoxide dehydrogenase and photo-reactivation of O2-inactived [FeFe] hydrogenase. By utilizing nanocrystalline photosensitizers and a range of spectroscopic techniques, I can investigate the mechanistic details on precisely how these redox enzymes function. A robust understanding of these enzymes will enable the future development of bioinspired catalysts for a more sustainable tomorrow.

My previous research experience, under Stefan Lutz at Emory University, involved exploring the Old Yellow Enzyme family using a combined approach of bioinformatic and synthetic biology tools for the identification of novel biocatalysts. Outside of research, I enjoy running, trying new foods, and fishing.