Instrument Use

Our lab is uniquely diverse in instrumentation- we have a variety of scientific instruments and are happy to let others use them for the occasional experiment. Anyone looking to use an instrument in the Dyer Lab must first contact the designated caretaker (listed below with each instrument) to receive training. After training, the user is granted access to the lab’s online reservation system, Qreserve. Each user will then be held responsible for:

  • Using Qreserve to book time on instruments and cancel reservations in a timely manner
  • Observing proper lab safety (including wearing appropriate PPE) at all times
  • Bringing ALL cuvettes, consumables (gloves, tubes, wash bottles, etc.), and micropipettors from his or her own lab
  • Asking explicit permission for more than 3 reservations per week
  • Supervising any undergraduate researcher in the lab at all times
  • Cleaning up after an experiment and properly turning off instruments

All users are expected to follow these rules at all times. An initial violation will result in a warning and requisite meeting with Dr. Dyer; any subsequent violations will result in the user’s privileges being permanently revoked for all instruments. Also, please keep in mind that lab members have first priority over outside users.



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