Research in our group is multidisciplinary and spans a wide range of scientific problems, so we recruit students with diverse backgrounds and interests. Group members are trained in multiple disciplines, including but not limited to physical chemistry, spectroscopy, lasers, molecular biology, and biophysical and bioinorganic chemistry.


Postdoctoral positions

An application package can be submitted as a single pdf to briandyer@emory.edu and should include:

  • Personal statement and summary of research interests
  • CV
  • List of publications
  • 2 letters of recommendation (including PhD advisor) submitted independently

Graduate students

Students admitted to Emory’s chemistry graduate program should contact Brian Dyer about opportunities to rotate with the lab, including summer positions. All students in our lab are supported by Research Assistantships or fellowships once the first year requirement of two semesters as a Teaching Assistant is fulfilled.


Undergraduates interested in research should submit the following materials to Brian Dyer electronically:

  1. Current c.v.
  2. Transcripts (may be unofficial)
  3. Statement of interest specific to research in the Dyer lab

Only highly motivated and responsible students will be considered. Students must commit to at least two semesters of research and 10-15 hrs per week minimum effort.