Sam Lee

Group Member Since 2021

B.S. Chemistry
Emory University, Anticipated May 2023

My research interests are renewable energy, battery chemistry, neurodegenerative diseases, and anti-cancer research. In the lab, I have been assisting my mentor, David White, in optimizing the photocatalytic system, which consists of a nanocrystalline semiconductor, a mediator, and the target enzyme, to photoactivate carbon monoxide dehydrogenase II (CODH II). CODH II is a protein that was isolated from an extreme thermophile located in the volcanic springs of Kunashir island, which catalyzes the reversible reduction of CO2 . Establishing a feasible photocatalytic system that can reliably photoactivate CODH II is the first step in the kinetic studies of an enzyme, which will in turn give rise to the possibility of developing biomimetics. Outside of the lab, I like to work out, play video games! And I love cats!