Tapas Haldar


Group Member since 2021

Ph.D, Physical Chemistry, CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India.

My research work focuses on the investigation of interaction and dynamics in various chemical and biological systems using spectroscopic techniques and molecular dynamics simulations.

My PhD dissertation focuses on the study of molecular functions employing the role of electrostatics and H-bonding interactions with the aid of Vibrational and electronic Stark effect spectroscopy.

My current work in the Dyer lab is focused on protein folding and more specifically influenza hemagglutinin mediated membrane fusion. Our approach integrates novel laser initiation methods including temperature and pH-jump to initiate refolding of hemagglutinin, with fluorescence and infrared spectroscopies to follow the dynamics with molecular specificity.

Thesis Title: Spectroscopic Determination of Electrostatic & Hydrogen-Bonding Interactions in Chemical and Biological Systems.