Humans of the Old Fourth Ward

Using pictures and short quotes, the blog Humans of New York catalogs the inhabitants of New York City. The blog has become somewhat of a sensation, with over four million followers on Facebook and Instagram. It shows a side–or many sides–of New York that most people don’t see.  So what better way to showcase the diverse character of the Old Fourth Ward than by coming up with our very own Humans of the Old Fourth Ward. Enjoy.

“She brings 13 little kids to school every day and is here waiting for them when it’s done,” The crossing guard said.
“They stay with me until I know they got somewhere to go,” Shenita told me.
“Usually it’s not long, sometimes a couple days.”
“I don’t know why you’d want a photo of me.”
“I do comedy too, I’m a regular at the Laughing Skull. Also I’m a doorman at Noni’s. I don’t usually paint, but I’m helping my friend out.”
“Old Fourth Ward Baby! Proud citizen, all my life.”
"We're tourists from Baltimore."
“We’re tourists from Baltimore.”
“I don’t want a picture with the stroller, let me do my thing.” 
“When we moved here seven years ago there were more abandoned or crack houses on our street than lived in ones.”
Miso Puggy
Dog of the Old Fourth Ward