Introducing the Fabulous OERs!

What a great learning module! As a teacher of Academic Writing to international students, we push, pull, struggle, cajole, train, scare, practice, practice, practice how to incorporate outside sources without plagiarizing….

But this new-found knowledge of OERs creates a new dimension to the training of using sources! I had heard of Creative Commons, but I had no idea what it was or what it offered, and now I am so very much looking forward to sharing this with my students…and my colleagues.

Previously, I had learned on my own a very limited means to find images that I could use in my teaching tools (PPT, handout, online learning module, scholarblogs) without violating copyright: google images>search tools>usage rights>’labeled for noncommercial reuse’.

Now I can search and use videos, images, and other tools and use them in my instruction with more confidence, and share this knowledge.


  1. Peggy,
    I truly agree with you that my world too has expanded through the use of creative commons and awareness of copyright, legal use and open use. . I am so much more aware and feel that I can better address for my students the application of OERs for their research as well.

    We are truly all in this together!

      • Kristy Martyn on August 11, 2014 at 3:52 am
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      I have learned a lot too and think the possibilities are endless. I hope to get to the point where I will be able to use all of this efficiently, effectively and legally. Thank you, Kristy

  2. I was not familiar with OERs prior to this module. I have looked for ebooks in the Emory library resources without much success. It feels tremendously unfair of me to ask students to spend $200-300 on textbooks for a course that this outside of the main field of study. Many of these students may never refer to these books again so it really doesn’t contribute to building a library of resources. Through this module I have found resources for both marketing and economics that provide the students with the information they need to be successful in this course without spending a fortune.
    Copyright has always been an issue since the internet started posting images that could be downloaded. Whether it was for education or for commercial use, one can often find the perfect image on the internet, but it may not be legal to use it in the manner desired. In business I subscribed to a website called which provided very inexpensive images for brochures, presentations or other marketing materials. I continued to use it as a student until my subscription lapsed. Now I find myself searching for images that that are both legal from a copyright standpoint but from a HIPAA standpoint as well (HIPAA is the law that protects patient’s privacy). Therefore, finding OER databases that can provide legal course content, particularly when working in an online environment is of real value to me as an instructor.

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