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EFOT 2014 Course Evaluation

Hi Leah, I have included links to THREE rubrics that I used to provide a course evaluation. I found it fascinating that each one was not quite adequate on its own. I will be curious to know whether looking at all three helps to paint a clearer picture! I wish I could have annotated the …

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RE: UDL Uncompromising Directives by Phyllis Wright

Hi Phyllis, I didn’t see a way to leave a comment on your post, but I did particularly like your focus on the ‘why’: My goal is always to engage the “why” first in face to face or online, then “what” and finally “how.” With teaching or leadership, unless I can convince my followers to …

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In the Home Stretch with UDL

UDL!! The Recognition Network: Learning about UDL has been liberating: I now know why to include images rather than just text in my PPTs (I thought they were unnecessary decoration or ‘cutesy’); why my colleague almost always includes a visual (screen) during a talk; why my screen now will have a great deal of white …

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Introducing the Fabulous OERs!

What a great learning module! As a teacher of Academic Writing to international students, we push, pull, struggle, cajole, train, scare, practice, practice, practice how to incorporate outside sources without plagiarizing…. But this new-found knowledge of OERs creates a new dimension to the training of using sources! I had heard of Creative Commons, but I …

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Crazy lil thing called “Assessment” or What’s in an Approach?

Approach?? I am constantly assessing my students in my classes: with every utterance from my students, I am assessing what they are saying, how they are saying it, their strengths, weaknesses, application of what we have focused on up to that point in the course, what they understand, what they don’t understand based on questions …

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Vision vs. Reality?

Yes, it’s exciting to me: an online course will allow learners who cannot attend F2F courses to benefit from what we teach. Even if I design online learning modules (different from an entire course), this will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of F2F: it will free up time for more meaningful interactions and engagement with …

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