EFOT 2014 Course Evaluation

Hi Leah,

I have included links to THREE rubrics that I used to provide a course evaluation. I found it fascinating that each one was not quite adequate on its own. I will be curious to know whether looking at all three helps to paint a clearer picture! I wish I could have annotated the pdf, but I don’t have Acrobat at home. Most of my less than stellar ratings/comments were due to Bb itself. I was able to explain this on the Quality ScoreCard rubric. Also, I felt that some of the questions didn’t seem to apply or I didn’t quite know how to answer them, so I left them blank. That in itself will be useful to you, I think!

What a great experience — as I mentioned in my eval, I Ioved the Scholarblogs to connect and communicate with the other participants, and receive encouragement/support and ideas. I enjoyed trying out the new technologies in a safe and supportive environment. I can’t even imagine how you handled all the back-end work you had to do to keep up and trouble-shoot, etc.

Lot of work. I hope I take the time to re-read and absorb and synthesize all the readings. Thanks for providing those.

I gave a ‘show and tell’ to my colleagues as per my director’s request. They were enthusiastic.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the rubrics I’ve included. See you soon,







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