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BioRAFT Training and Registration Updates

Make sure your BioRAFT profile is up to date! Before returning to the lab, make sure all required trainings are completed. This includes completing expired or overdue EHSO trainings such as Research Lab Safety, Biosafety, BBP for Research (if applicable), Laser Safety (if applicable), and Radiation Safety for Laboratory Research Personnel (if applicable). Be advised […]

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Working with Hazardous Chemicals in Animals

If you are planning on working with hazardous chemicals and animals there are a few requirements that need to be met. You must be listed on an EHSO Chemical Safety Approval Letter and your PI must have IACUC approval to use hazardous chemicals in animals. To be listed on an EHSO approval letter, your PI […]

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Working with Hazardous Chemicals at Emory University – Particularly Hazardous Substances

OSHA and Emory University require that individual laboratories develop written procedures for handling particularly hazardous substances (See the OSHA Lab Standard 1910.1450 and Emory University Chemical Hygiene Plan). Written procedures document that personnel are trained and help to ensure a safe and compliant workplace. Particularly hazardous substances are chemical agents that pose a serious health […]

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Important – Do you Store Hazardous Chemical Waste?

New Hazardous Waste Regulations have recently been adopted; here are the current guidelines for hazardous chemical waste management implemented by the Emory Environmental Health and Safety Office: AFFIX a completed Hazardous Waste Label; list all primary chemical constituents and their percentages. AFFIX all Globally Harmonized System (GHS) pictograms that define the hazard of the chemical […]

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Selecting the correct glove for your job

Next to our eyes, our hands are probably the most important part of our body when it comes to doing our work. They’re involved in almost everything we do. Yet many of the things we do with our hands are done without any deliberate thought. Your hands have no fear. They’ll go anyplace they’re sent […]

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Report All Work-Related Injury, Illness or Exposure – Have You Accessed HOME?

Report all work-related injury, illness or exposure – Have you accessed HOME? Employees who are injured on the job must promptly notify their supervisor and report to Occupational Injury Management according to Emory University Policy 4.93 Workplace Health and Safety. Emory’s Health and Occupational Management at Emory (HOME) is the web-based tool/portal used by Emory […]

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The 3 C’s of Chemical Waste Management

April is Environmental Month. The EHSO Environmental Compliance Group assists Emory University investigators in complying with applicable United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) regulations. These regulations were developed to protect our natural resources.  EHSO provides guidance on chemical waste disposal to ensure that our natural resources are protected, and that Emory maintains regulatory compliance.  […]

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Biological, Chemical and Chemicals in Animals Registrations/Forms Review in 2019

The use of biological materials and chemicals in the laboratory or in animals require the review and approval of the Biosafety Office. Biological and Chemical Registrations, as well as, Chemicals in Animals Forms are maintained in BioRAFT. We are making efforts to synchronize the review of all modules to occur at around the same time […]

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BioRAFT Chemical Registration – Identifying Highly Hazardous Chemicals Used in the Laboratory

Completing your Chemical Registration is the final step in BioRAFT for all laboratories using highly hazardous chemicals.  If your lab has Highly Hazardous Chemicals (HHC), you need to complete the HHC Survey and update personnel handling these chemicals in your laboratory. A special feature of the BioRAFT platform is the option of having a chemical […]

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EHSO Website Updates

The following document and webpage were updated recently on the EHSO website: Guidelines for Use of Hazardous Chemicals in Animals http://ehso.emory.edu/research-safety/chemical-protocol.html This webpage provides detailed instruction on submitting new chemicals in animals forms and on submitting updates/amendments to existing chemicals in animals forms. For any questions, email csp@emory.edu.

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