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FOAM of the Week – Pediatric Abdominal Pain, Abdominal Trauma, Cirrhotic Patients, GI Bleeds

I’ve got some stuff from both last week and this week’s lectures. Enjoy. A series of posts on approach to pediatric abdominal pain:   Work up of blunt and penetrating abdominal trauma from life in the fast lane:   Good overview of cirrhotic patients in the ED:   EMCrit podcast …

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FOAM of the Week – Pulmonary Hypertension, Hemoptysis, Pediatric Respiratory Disorders, The Transgender Patient

Hey all, Some great FOAM from the past few weeks. Was on vacation so some stuff got backed up. Enjoy! Great overview of work up and treatment of Pulmonary Hypertension: A couple good posts on management of massive hemoptysis: In depth review of bronchiolitis from EMRAP: Or, shorter overview post …

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FOAM of the Week – Pneumothorax, Chest Trauma

Lot of great FOAM stuff on pneumothoraces and chest trauma from this past week’s lectures: Use US to find your next pneumothorax: Pigtail and discharge that pneumo?  Maybe soon: Trying to decide if that trauma patient needs a chest CT? Consider using the new NEXUS Chest CT rules: Thoracotomy Review from EMRAP: …

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FOAM of the Week – Shock and Fluid Responsiveness, Asthma

Got some great posts and podcasts on shock and asthma from lecture this week: A series of podcasts on assessing fluid responsiveness in patients with shock from EmCrit: Great overviews of asthma from REBEL EM, both mild/moderate exacerbation as well as the crashing patient:

FOAM of the Week – Intubating the Acidotic, Electrical Storm

Some random stuff from recent shifts for class week. FOAM away. Can’t get your patient out of VTach/VFib? Consider the following blog posts on electrical storm: Thinking about intubating that severely acidotic DKA patient, or perhaps that salicylate overdose? First of all, don’t unless you absolutely have to. Second, listen to this EMRAP …

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FOAM of the Week – Nephrolithiasis, Peri/Myocarditis, GU Trauma

Some great FOAM stuff related to this past week’s lectures – enjoy! Nephrolithiasis Good overview from emdocs: Need a CT for that diagnosis? 10 reasons not to from ALIEM: Author analysis from recent US vs CT trial: Does Flomax help? Just tell them to have sex instead!  Peri/myocarditis related topics: …

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FOAM of the Week – Conversion Disorder, Agitated Patients, Eating Disorders

Some helpful stuff related to lectures this week – enjoy! Conversion disorder-related stuff: Optokinetic drum for patients complaining of blindness: Hoover’s Sign to assess patient effort vs true weakness: Agitated patients: Chemical and Physical restraint of agitated patients from EmCrit: Ketamine for chemical retraint from ALIEM: Eating Disorder overview from Peds EM Morsels: …

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FOAM of the Week – US guided IVs, In Flight Emergencies

Sorry for the delay this week – a couple good pod/videocasts related to this weeks topics: Having trouble with those ultrasound guided IVs? Review the basics on Ultrasound Podcasts: Is there a doctor on board?  How should you respond to an in flight emergency from EMRAP:

FOAM of the Week – Blunt Cerebrovascular Injury, Peritonsillar Abscess

Since this week was a class day, I’ve included some topics that have come up on my shifts recently. Enjoy!   Blunt Cerebrovascular Injury – does every cervical seatbelt sign need a CTA? EAST Guidelines: PV Summary card from ALIEM: Discussion from EMRAP on pediatric population:   Some tricks of the trade …

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FOAM of the Week – Intracranial Hemorrhage, Benzo Equivalents, Calcium Channel and Beta Blocker Toxicity

Some great FOAM stuff related to this week’s topics: Evidence behind BP reduction after ICH: Benzo Equivalent dosing calculator: Calcium Channel and Beta Blocker Toxicity review podcast (peds focused, but generalizable):

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