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FOAM of the Week – Blunt Cerebrovascular Injury, Peritonsillar Abscess

Since this week was a class day, I’ve included some topics that have come up on my shifts recently. Enjoy!   Blunt Cerebrovascular Injury – does every cervical seatbelt sign need a CTA? EAST Guidelines: PV Summary card from ALIEM: Discussion from EMRAP on pediatric population:   Some tricks of the trade …

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FOAM of the Week 8/25/15 – ENT Emergencies, Ocular Ultrasound, Palliative Care

A whole bunch of ENT stuff for this week. Some palliative care and ocular ultrasound too! A discussion of a wide variety of ENT topics including many covered today from Emergency Medicine Cases – good written summaries at the bottom of the page too if you don’t want to listen to the podcast! Tracheoinnominate fistula …

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FOAM of the Week 8/18/15 – Pediatric Foreign Bodies, Ophthalmology

Pediatric Foreign Bodies – Kids like to put things in places they don’t belong. Here’s some tips on diagnosis and removal techniques from Pediatric EM Morsels and Don’t Forget the Bubbles blogs: Should I dilate that eye? Some great ophthalmology differentials for various visual complaints from LITFL – click the links for …

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