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Lit of the Week — Airway Assessment Score and Predictors of Difficult BVM

  Lit of the Week – 2/2/16   Reed MJ, Dunn MJ, McKeown DW. Can an airway assessment score predict difficulty at intubation in the emergency department? Emerg Med J. 2005 Feb;22(2):99-102.   Clinical question / background: Can an airway assessment score based on the LEMON method detect difficulty at intubation (Cormack and Lehane Grade …

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Lit of the Week – Preoxygenation

Weingart S, et al. “Preoxygenation and prevention of desaturation during emergency airway management.” Ann Emerg Med. 2012;59:165-175. Clinical question / background: ·      Patients requiring emergency airway management are at great risk of hypoxemic hypoxia because of primary lung pathology, high metabolic demands, anemia, insufficient respiratory drive, and inability to protect their airway against aspiration. Tracheal …

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