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FOAM of the Week – Pulmonary Hypertension, Hemoptysis, Pediatric Respiratory Disorders, The Transgender Patient

Hey all, Some great FOAM from the past few weeks. Was on vacation so some stuff got backed up. Enjoy! Great overview of work up and treatment of Pulmonary Hypertension: A couple good posts on management of massive hemoptysis: In depth review of bronchiolitis from EMRAP: Or, shorter overview post …

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FOAM of the Week – Conversion Disorder, Agitated Patients, Eating Disorders

Some helpful stuff related to lectures this week –¬†enjoy! Conversion disorder-related stuff: Optokinetic drum for patients complaining of blindness: Hoover’s Sign to assess patient effort vs true weakness: Agitated patients: Chemical and Physical restraint of agitated patients from EmCrit: Ketamine for chemical retraint from ALIEM: Eating Disorder overview from Peds EM Morsels: …

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FOAM of the Week 8/18/15 – Pediatric Foreign Bodies, Ophthalmology

Pediatric Foreign Bodies – Kids like to put things in places they don’t belong. Here’s some tips on diagnosis and removal techniques from Pediatric EM Morsels and Don’t Forget the Bubbles blogs: Should I dilate that eye?¬† Some great ophthalmology differentials for various visual complaints from LITFL – click the links for …

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