FOAM of the Week 8/4/15 – Connecting to FOAM

Why Should I Use FOAM

  • Stay up to date
  • Learn from experts and collaborate with others around the country
  • Portable learning – access from your phone anywhere, any time
  • High efficiency – most blog posts read in 5-10 minutes, podcasts under 25 – great for short EM attention spans
  • Free!
  • The more you know, the better it is for your patients


How Do I Connect?

  • Blogs
    • Download Feedly to your phone/tablet – App that automatically downloads blogs as they are posted so you can check them all in one place as they update
    • Starter blogs:
      • Academic Life in EM – broad variety of topics including clinical, wellness, education, etc…  PV cards which are summaries on an number of different topics. Plus has AIR series and ALiEMU which you can get III credit for
      • Life in the Fast Lane – has weekly FOAM and literature review highlighting “best of” for the week, website also has great EKG resource
    • Others to check out and see if you like, each with different style or subtopics – REBEL EM, emDocs, Emergency Medicine Literature of Note, Dr Smith’s ECG Blog, The Trauma Professional’s Blog, The Poison Review, St Emlyn’s, Resus.Me, Pediatric EM Morsels, Don’t Forget the Bubbles, PEM Blog, BoringEM, EMNerd
  • Podcasts
    • Download podcasting app to automatically download as they become available – apple has built in one, several available for android
    • Starter podcasts
      • EM:RAP – ~4 hour episode each month broken up into short segments with a huge variety of content, normally costs money but free with EMRA account which you get through residency – got to, click on Benefits, then EM:RAP. Also has dedicated phone app so you can browse and select individual talks
      • EMCRIT – great critical care podcast for taking care of your sickest patients
    • Others to check out – EM Basic (geared towards interns/students), ercast, PEM ED Podcast, REBEL EM cast, Emergency Medicine Cases, Ultrasound Podcast
  • – search a collection of FOAM sites for any topic you want!  Many blogs and podcasts have search functions on their sites too to search for specific content.


FOAM of the Week 7/28/15 – Altitude Sickness, Dysbarism, Ophthalmology

FOAM of the Week 7/21/15 – Airway, Awake Intubation, Intubation Checklist

Welcome to FOAM of the Week – online resources related to this weeks lecture topics. Maximize your learning by reinforcing what you’ve heard. Plenty of great airway stuff from this week:

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