Reminders to Research Personnel

Are you ready to begin a new school year in your laboratory?

August is usually a busy month with students starting a new semester, students lining up rotations, new investigators coming to the University, new hires, and so on.

Below are a few reminders from EHSO:

✓ Ensure PI and personnel are current with applicable training available online in the Emory Learning Management System (ELMS) unless otherwise stated.

    • Research Lab Safety 240150 -ANNUAL, all research personnel.
    • Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) 240100 -ANNUAL, if working with human source materials.
    • Biosafety 240120- EVERY 3-YR, all research personnel working with biological materials.
    • Radiation Safety Training for Lab Workers.
      • New Hire Part I 246410.
      • New Hire Part II 246411 (classroom).
      • Refresher 246450- EVERY 3-YR.

✓ Amendments to biosafety and chemicals in animals approvals to reflect new agents used and/or personnel added or removed–this is done in BioRAFT. Ensure that PI is notified so that the biological registration is CERTIFIED. If the registration is not certified, EHSO is not aware of your submission.

  • PI or Compliance Liaison adds individual(s) under the MEMBERS tab.
    1. Edit the appropriate Project form or Chemicals in Animals form by checking the box next to name to be added.
    2. PI certifies the Bio or Chemicals in Animals form.
  • New biological agents.
    1. Add to Microbes/toxins/Source materials table.
    2. Complete pathogen form and/or viral vector form.
    3. Edit the appropriate Project form to add a justification for the addition of the new agent.
    4. PI certifies the Bio Summary page.
  • New chemicals to be used in animals.
    1. Search for the Chemicals in Animal form under the Manage Lab Form.
    2. Click Edit.
    3. Add justification for addition of chemical under the Project Summary (Basics tab).
    4. Add Chemical – Chemicals and Dosage tab.
    5. Make any changes needed in the Procedures and Practices tab.
    6. PI certifies the form under the View tab.

✓ Lab signage updated.

✓ 2017 self-inspection completed and uploaded to BioRAFT (Documents tab).

✓ Biosafety cabinet and/or chemical fume hoods certification is current.

✓ Geiger meter calibrated, if applicable.

✓ Chemicals labeled properly.

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