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FGC Operations, Departmental Restructuring

  As of September 1, 2017, Operations moved to a structure of three Financial Managers, each supporting three RAS Units. Each Financial Manager will lead a team consisting of one Lead Financial Analyst, one Senior Financial Analyst. This reorganization will allow us to leverage the experience and knowledge of our senior staff in developing our […]

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FY18 Federal Fringe Rates Effective 9/1/17

  Each year Emory negotiates new fringe rates with the federal government. We recently received approval of our FY18 federal fringe rates. The table below represents the university’s finalized fringe benefit rates for fiscal year 2018. Please use these rates for any new proposals. For proposals already routed, please be aware that the new fringe […]

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NIH Changes Process to Complete Relinquishments

NIH has changed the process to complete relinquishments. In the past, the PHS3734 form was completed noting an estimated amount of direct and indirect cost being relinquished. Upon obtaining all required signatures, the completed form was emailed or mailed to the noted sponsor contact. The process has changed. All forms are now populated and completed […]

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Change to RAS Satisfaction Survey Process

RAS Central Operations launched faculty satisfaction surveys for pre and post award services provided by their home RAS unit in March of 2014. During the subsequent two years, surveys were distributed monthly and bi-annually for pre and post award activities, respectively. Despite numerous adjustments to the process we continue to experience multiple challenges including: low […]

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What are the Responsibilities of a PI on a Sponsored Award?

Written By: Kerry Peluso, AVP Office of Research Administration The Principal Investigator (PI) of an award is responsible for oversight and direction of the sponsored project including both the technical and the administrative/financial aspects of the award. Section 2.1.2 of the current NIH Grants Policy Statement describes this in further detail: Program Director/Principal Investigator. A […]

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NIH Payment Management System (PMS) Subaccount Transition

Amanda Exum and Kim Rowell Research Administration Services NIH announced in July 2013 that payment for all grant awards would transition to Payment Management System (PMS) Subaccounts. Payments for NIH domestic awards are currently made via pool accounts (G) in PMS. Since October 1, 2013, new competing NIH awards have been issued with P accounts […]

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National Science Foundation Significantly Changes and Clarifies Its PAPPG

Written By: Viraj Parmar, JD Office of Sponsored Programs The National Science Foundation (NSF) recently changed and clarified numerous sections within its Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide (PAPPG). As many of our researchers and staff know, the PAPPG consists of two parts: Part I, titled NSF Grant Proposal Guide (GPG), contains NSF’s proposal […]

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Need Assistance With Your Data Management/Sharing Plans? Data Archiving? Compliance With NIH Public Access Policy?

Emory libraries provide a number of services to assist researchers in developing proposals.  Emory’s libraries provide access to resources that can aid in pre-award and post-award research administration. Examples of services available include help with data management planning, data archiving, public access compliance, and more. To learn more about how the Emory libraries can help […]

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RAS Has a New Website

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Research Administration Services (RAS) website – RAS website objectives are: Provide contact information for RAS units and RAS Central Operations Provide an overview of the structure and staff in the RAS units Outline the services provided by the RAS units Address frequently-asked questions The general […]

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Office of Research Administration Newsletter’s New Web Address

In 2013 the Office of Research Administration Newsletter was transitioned to an online format using one of Emory’s web tools.  This year, we were asked to move our newsletter to a new institutional tool.  This task is complete.  The July/August 2014 edition of Emory’s Research Administration Newsletter is available at:  Please update any bookmarks […]

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