Game Day Rewind

Group photo of Call Center staff

Call Center Staff (L to R): Gwyn Cantlow, Nichelle Dooley, Rose Etienne, Tomekia Morgan, Deja Shelton, Kamilia Rochester, Laura Collins, Elaine Cain, and Bonita Russell.

Each year the Call Center does Game Day Rewind. Since call volume does not allow more than three to four individuals to attend the UTS Game Day, the staff at the Call Center has to get creative to bring the year end celebration close to home.

Our event mirrors that of the UTS Game Day but with a twist. In an effort to get everyone energized and exited about the event, we schedule specific themes the entire week. The specialists are then scheduled to attend the events of the day. Not only do we give away individual prizes, but also we build a sense of team spirit by recognizing the team with the most points.

When you hold the life of a patient in your hands 24/7 and take over 30,000 calls a week, we have to step up and show our staff they are a valuable part of the UTS family. It was important for our entire specialist staff to have time to relax, laugh and bond without the interruption of calls. We appreciate all our team does to support our department.

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