Global Village Project a great place to serve

Photo of an employee

Amanda Adams, Library Specialist, Goizueta Business Library.

For the Goizueta Business Library’s Amanda Adams, the Global Village Project (GVP) answered a need she had to serve.

Housed in the Decatur Presbyterian Church, the GVP is a scholastic program designed to equip recently arrived refugee girls with the academic and social knowledge needed for success in a high school or equivalency program. Amanda is volunteering for the GVP’s summer Book Club, where she is helping the girls learn English.

The students are from all over the world, including war-torn regions of Africa and the Middle East. There are around 50 girls in the program, all between the ages of eleven and eighteen. The students enter the program through a nomination process. Most of the girls live with families in Clarkston, GA, which has become a refugee destination in recent years.

Photo of a volunteer reading to children

The head of school for the Global Village Project is Amy Pellisaro (center).

“Being new to the area, I wanted to get a better feel for the community,” said Amanda. “They are doing fantastic work on a shoestring budget at GVP. There is an army of volunteers.”

Amanda finds the work very rewarding. She works with girls at varying reading levels. In addition to the volunteers, presenters and special guests from the community often come in to read to the girls.

“The girls have all been wonderful and excited to have us there,” said Amanda. Once the school year starts, Amanda hopes to continue her volunteer role in the after-school learning study hall.

For more information about GVP, go to

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New LEAF Committee announced

LEAF Coffees are a monthly place to network with colleagues and discuss concerns with LEAF members.

The newest version of the Library Employee Advocacy Forum (LEAF) has been announced. LEAF’s vision is to bolster a community where each person can feel empowered to succeed. The committee is comprised of members elected by each of the library’s departments and terms usually last two years. LEAF serves as a liaison between the University Librarian and the employees and organizes events such as the monthly LEAF Coffees and the end-of-year Emory Libraries Holiday Party.

Current members are:

Officers –

  • Doug Goans, Assistant Director for Library Technology – Chairman
  • Becky Sherman, Project Archivist, Rose Library – Vice-Chair / Secretary
  • Amanda Adams, Library Specialist, Goizueta Business Library – Treasurer
  • Anna Miles, Repository Specialist – Communications Coordinator
  • Kathy Britt-Rogers, ILL Lending Coordinator – Elections Coordinator

Representatives –

  • Collin Brittle, IT Product Manager, Digital Library
  • Maya Cody, Events Manager, CCR
  • NaVosha Copeland, Archives Specialist, Rose Library
  • Tricia Goddard, Educational Analyst II, Teaching and Learning Technologies
  • Kathy Hayes, Educational Analyst II, Teaching and Learning Technologies
  • Cedrika Haynes, Security Specialist, Library Security
  • Robert Kruse, Academic Technologist II, Student Digital Life
  • Anna Lech-Mlynarz, Sr. Library Specialist Research Management, Order Services
  • Peter Shirts, Music Librarian, Music and Media Library
  • Sue Trowbridge, Sr. Bibliographic Management Specialist, Bibliographic Maintenance
  • Erich Wendt, Sr. Library Specialist, Library Service Desk
  • Rhonda Wynter, Office Manager, Rose Library

The next LEAF Coffee is August 14 at 2 p.m.

If you would like more information about LEAF or if you have issues to raise to leadership, please email LEAF at

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Green Notes

Farmer’s Market on Tuesday, July 17.

Happy July! Did you know there is a Staff Tour of the Emory Farmer’s Market coming soon?  On Tuesday, July 17 and 31, at 11:45am. Taylor Spicer, of the Office of Sustainability Initiatives (OSI), will be your tour guide.  She will highlight the benefits of eating food in season and ways to prepare seasonal dishes. She will also suggest ways to reduce food waste and provide ways to find healthy eating resources.  Pick your day and register for the tour by the day before.

The next Farmer’s Market day is July 17 and it’s the Tomato Festival. The summer is a bountiful season of fruits, vegetables, breads and yummy food. Plan to get out and enjoy the market – at the Cox Hall Bridge from 11 am to 3 pm.

OSI has a new website at There’s a beautiful picture of the WaterHub if you haven’t yet taken the tour. Things are much easier to find now, including incentive-funding applications, even for becoming a Green Office.

Emory Water Hub.

Emory Recycles is another site to recommend visiting. The site has a lot of great information about the efforts underway on campus as well as information on what happens with our composting and recycling when it leaves the campus.  This one is popular: “Hard to Recycle Items” station locations, listed by building.  These are collection stations for glass, ink jet cartridges, styrofoam, aerosol cans, bulbs (CFL, incandescent, fluorescent, halogen) and batteries too.

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Jason Iacono, Sr. Security Specialist, Enterprise Security, Threat, Vulnerability and Incident Management

Photo of employee

“I’m excited about the challenges of helping secure the information of a large ‘city-within-a city’ such as Emory.” – Jason Iacono

Jason Iacono is the newest senior security specialist working on the Enterprise Security, Threat, Vulnerability and Incident Management team. Before coming to Emory, he spent over two years at ControlScan, where he primarily did security engineering for a product called LogRhythm. Before ControlScan, Jason worked in various other IT-related roles, including at HP. He’s done IT work such as Active Directory migrations, high availability storage, and virtualization.

Born and raised in the Greater Atlanta area, Jason has lived in Gwinnett County, Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, and Atlanta proper. When talking about his family, Jason said, “I have an uncle who looks like Chuck Norris and my grandfather claims to have shined shoes for Mafia guys for when he was a kid in the 1940s.”

Jason’s favorite pastime has been restoring a classic 1974 Starcraft boat. “After losing a propeller and nearly capsizing in the wake of a larger cruiser, things have been much better with it. I try to get up to the lake every weekend,” said Jason.

“My team members are super smart and always willing to share expertise,” said Jason about his new team. “I’m excited about the challenges of helping secure the information of a large ‘city-within-a city’ such as Emory.”

You can reach him at jason [dot] iacono [at] emory [dot] edu.

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Lolita Rowe, Community Outreach Archivist, Rose Library

Photo of an employee

“I am a connector and I think I can help Emory become more of a gateway to Atlanta.” – Lolita Rowe

Lolita Rowe is the new community outreach archivist for the Rose Library. She spent the past eleven years being a jack-of-all-trades in the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, including four years in the special collections archive, where she was the reference and outreach coordinator. She handled the social media for special collections, met with various community members, was the chair of a community group that researches African-American history, and acquired the papers of Thereasea Elder, who was a pioneer of African-American nurses. She also spent two years doing circulations and event planning in the Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Library System.

A native of Swansea, SC, Lolita earned her bachelor’s degree in biology from Winthrop University and her master’s degree of library and information sciences from the University of South Carolina. She is also a member of the Georgia Archives Institute.

Lolita loves Broadway shows, festivals, and doing different things all the time. She also enjoys learning about different cultures, history, and art.

“When I tell people I am working at Emory, there is a sense of awe,” said Lolita. “Emory has prestige and possibility. I am a connector and I think I can help Emory become more of a gateway to Atlanta.”

You can reach her at lolita [dot] rowe [at] emory [dot] edu.

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Pet(s) of the week: Houdini and Hobbit

Photo of a dog


The Pets of the Week, which come from the home of Kat Boushell (but are hilariously not cats), are Houdini and Hobbit.

Houdini is a coonhound and Hobbit is a terrier mix. Kat’s family got Houdini six years age from the Atlanta Humane Society. He was rescued from a hoarder in South Georgia who was featured on Animal Planet Animal Hoarders. He was not socialized and afraid of everything but has really come out of his shell since he has lived in Georgia. Still shy around new people, Houdini warms right up after he’s met you a few times.

Photo of a dog on a chair


Hobbit started out as a foster from Dekalb County Animal Services (run by Lifeline). After three months of having her around, they decided she needed to stay, which has now been for three years. Hobbit is also a little shy, but has never met a dog she doesn’t love.

Houdini and Hobbit are best friends.

If you have an entry for Pet of the Week, please contact Wade Moricle at wade [dot] moricle [at] emory [dot] edu.

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LITS recent headlines and upcoming events

Headlines & Events graphic banner

Recent LITS headlines:

Upcoming LITS events:

(go HERE for more information for each event)

  • July 19 – IT Briefing: 10:15 a.m. – noon, North Decatur Building, 4th Floor Auditorium
  • July 24 – Workshop: Canvas 101, Online only, email John Willingham
  • August 14 – LEAF Coffee: 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., Woodruff Library
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