Scott Swann retires after 35 years

Scott Swann and Dooley, 2013.

After a 35-year Emory career, mostly spent in management and project management, Scott Swann has decided to hang up his tartan. So to speak.

Scott began at Emory on August 18, 1980, which has always been easy for him to remember because August 19 is his birthday. He started as a mainframe programmer with Emory Hospital IT. “This was before the Emory Healthcare merger,” said Scott, “and we were still using punch cards.”

In 1987, Emory merged the Crawford Hospital IT staff with Emory IT. There was a significant cultural difference in IT philosophy between the two groups, and in 1988, Scott left Emory to work for a couple of small software companies. Then in 1991, Emory Clinic IT hired him and he worked there for four years. In 1995, he was hired by the University into the University Information Services (UIS) as a senior mainframe programmer. He’s been with Emory ever since.

(L to R) Swann, Mike Ewanowski, Alma Profitt, 2004.

Scott first began to do management work in 1997, when Francene Mangham was managing Emory’s first PeopleSoft (PS) implementation. Scott became a manager on that project and soon thereafter managed Emory’s Y2K effort. During this time, Scott hired Byron Nash (who went on to become director of Enterprise Applications) to do the day-to-day management of Y2K.

Trisha Wilson and Scott Swann.

PMO Team from 2012.

After spending several years managing the finance team, including applications such as FAS, Imaging, R25, the purchasing system, Scott became the technical project manager of the initial Compass finance project in 2007. Scott ensured all of the legacy data was moved into the PS systems for the University and Healthcare. This was a two-year effort that went live in 2009, after which Scott took a permanent project management position in the Project Management Office (PMO).

Project management was a field that suited Scott. “When I am done with a project, I get to walk away,” he said. “I like that a lot better than nurturing software through its lifecycle.”

“Before Scott came to the PMO, I never knew how wickedly funny he could be,” remembers Marisa Benson, the former director of the PMO. “That group was already full of dry wits and Scott fit right in.” “Scott is a rare gem. He is super loyal to his friends and goes beyond the extra mile to help people,” added Trisha Wilson, a former co-worker in the PMO. “He will be missed greatly. I wish him the best on his next chapter.”

Emory Tartan design.

Life at Emory has not been all project management. As a direct descendant from a Scottish clan, Scott  suggested that Emory create an Emory Tartan, especially with St. Andrews in Edinburgh being Emory’s sister institution. Scott worked with Gary Hauk and the Emory Traditions Committee, created a committee for the tartan project, and created a design that Emory accepted as its own in 2009. National Tartan Day is April 6.

Swann and Jay Flanagan.

When asked what he would miss the most about his time at Emory, Scott said, “I will miss the people the most. After you work somewhere for decades, people become more than friends, they become family. When I started at Emory, my daughter had not been born. She ended up graduating from Emory.”

Dana Haggas and Swann, 2005.

After leaving Emory, Scott plans to continue to manage some rental properties he owns near campus. He’s also a church treasurer, the membership chair for a couple of Celtic organizations, and has started a membership tracking company, called SCOTS (Scottish Clans Online Tracking System) for Celtic groups to keep up with one another.

Scott’s advice to his friends and co-workers is simply, “Don’t sweat the small stuff. Learn as much as you can about project management because you have to cover things you’ve never worked on before. You are always learning new things. Learn to like the people you work with because people will cooperate more if they like you. If they don’t like you they can kill your projects!”

He added, “Some of the finest people I have ever known or worked with are here at Emory.”

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Adam Forrester pays homage to a piece of archival history

Photo of new employee

Adam Forrester.

Filmmaker Adam Forrester (Academic Content Production Specialist, Teaching and Learning Technologies) was recently interviewed by Atlanta Studies about his short film Archive (2017), in which he resurrects the iconic Georgia Archives and Records Building that was imploded on March 5, 2017.

The building, erected in 1965, was a mainstay of the Atlanta skyline for over fifty years.

The Ben W. Fortson Georgia Archives Building, aka the “White Ice Cube”

“I set out to document the building’s implosion, because I felt like it was important,” said Adam. “I interviewed architects and other members of the crowd that day after we watched the building crumble, but ultimately in working with the film in post-production, it just seemed fitting to slightly modify the long take – play it in reverse – and let that speak for itself. Once I finished that edit, I realized I didn’t really need those interviews, or any dialogue for that matter. The white cube rising from the ashes was more than enough.”

Atlanta Studies is an open-access, multimedia web-based journal published by the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship.

You can read the article, and see Archive, by going to

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LITS Wellness Committee: Kinship 5K, stretch break, refresh from stress, and a new blog post

Photo of runners

LITers love a good run/walk!

Please read ahead for some updates from your wellness committee. Check out our website to stay up-to-date on campus wellness activities and find resources.

  1. The Winship 5K is THIS SATURDAY October 13. LITS has a team named LITS: Unplugged and Still Running. Sign up to run or walk.
  2. Refresh from Stress is going on right now. It began October 1 and you can access the related Healthy Habits challenges on the Healthy Emory connect platform. This is one of the last chances to earn extra points for 2018 since the deadline to earn points is November 15.
  3. In the spirit of Refresh from Stress, the LITS Wellness Committee is hosting a stretch break provided by Blomeyer staff. This stretch break is for 30 minutes and you can learn proper form and get some movement into your day. The first of these stretch breaks will be in the Jones Room in the Woodruff Library on Tuesday, October 23 from 12:30-1:00. We’re planning to record via Zoom for those who are unable to make it. Additionally, we’re hoping to host stretch breaks in other buildings with LITS staff over the next few months. If you’d like the committee to help facilitate a stretch break at your building, please contact me.
  4. Maria Jenkins.

    Finally, a dedicated and wonderful member of the LITS Wellness Committee, Maria Jenkins, wrote about her journey toward better health for this month’s blog post, which you can find and read here.

As always, please feel free to contact me with suggestions and feedback for the LITS Wellness Committee and let us know how to best serve you!

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LITS recent headlines and upcoming events

Headlines & Events graphic banner

Recent LITS headlines:

Upcoming LITS events:

(go HERE for more information for each event)

  • October 18 – IT Briefing: 10:15 am – noon, 4th Floor Auditorium, North Decatur Building
  • October 19-21 – Homecoming: see the Campus Calendar
  • October 20 – Event: Emory Wheel archives booth, 12:30 – 4:00, booth on the Quad
  • October 30 – Event: Rosemary Magee Creativity Conversation with Randall Burkett, 6:00 – 8:00 pm, Jones Room, Woodruff Library
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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee enters year three

Emory employees enjoying one of the DEI events last year.

[Ed. note: this article was written by Gretchen in collaboration with members of the DEI Committee.]

The Emory Libraries’ Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee enters its third year looking to add new members and to enhance its presence in the Emory community. Emory Libraries recognize diversity, equity, and inclusion as core values integral to achieving our mission to enrich the quality of life and advance intellectual discovery by connecting people of diverse backgrounds and experiences.

What we do

DEI supports Emory’s commitment to creating an inclusive environment for federally protected groups and additional historically underrepresented members of our community, as defined in the 2017 Diversity and Inclusion Working Group (DIWG) Recommendations. Our charge is to provide leadership, guidance, and recommendations for:

  • Staff development and training opportunities for library employees
  • Programming and education for all library users
  • Outreach to and information exchange with existing campus offices, organizations, collections, and resources
  • Assessment of library services and space
  • Best practices around diversity, equity, and inclusion

Emory Libraries Diversity Statement

DEI guest speaker Mark Puente, Director of Diversity and Leadership at the Association of Research Libraries (ARL), who spoke to Emory Libraries in 2017.

Emory Libraries recognize diversity, equity, and inclusion as core values integral to achieving our mission to enrich the quality of life and advance intellectual discovery by connecting people of diverse backgrounds and experiences. We champion an inclusive work environment through competency training, reassurance of personal growth, restorative communication practices, and diverse recruitment and retention. We offer exhibits, collections, programming, and research assistance that speaks to the rich needs and identities of patrons from the Emory community and beyond. We encompass opportunities that strengthen these values. We invite you to bring your true self to the library and feel welcomed when you arrive.

New chair

The DEI committee thanks Saira Raza and Elliott Kuecker for serving as co-chairs of the committee this past year. Saira was one of our founding co-chairs in 2016, along with Christeene Alcosiba. Elliott Kuecker replaced Christeene as co-chair in 2017. As the new chair, I (Gretchen Warner) am very proud of the work that we have accomplished thus far.


The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee is looking for new members. The DEI committee is co-sponsoring the October 8 LEAF coffee, 2 pm, in the Jones Room, where we will present some highlights from the past year. There will also be an opportunity for you to sign up for the committee or our listserv. We will also be hosting a new member-focused meeting on October 17, at 11 am, in room 303F. Afterwards, we invite you to stay for light refreshments and to get to know some of the committee members. If you cannot attend the meeting, you are still welcome to join us at noon.

“Community of Practice” Listserv

We wish to encourage folks to sign-up for our new “community of practice” mailing list (DEI-COP). We decided to create a secondary listserv so that there would be a space where colleagues can share diversity-related articles, events, opportunities, etc. This is a great opportunity to stay informed of these issues if you do not have time to serve on the DEI Committee. If you do become a member, we’ll add you to our committee’s primary listserv.

How to subscribe to the mailing list

You can automatically subscribe to the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Community of Practice Listserv by sending an email with a blank subject line and the following single line in the body (i.e., no signatures) from the account to which you wish to receive messages:

To: listserv [at] listserv [dot] cc [dot] emory [dot] edu
Body: subscribe DEI-COP

How to unsubscribe to the mailing list

You can automatically unsubscribe from the mailing list by sending an email with a blank subject line and the following single line in the body (i.e., no signatures) from the account from which you initially subscribed.

To: listserv [at] listserv [dot] cc [dot] emory [dot] edu
Body: signoff DEI-COP

As a reminder

The upcoming events are:

  • LEAF coffee, October 8, 2pm, Jones Room
  • DEI Committee meeting, October 17, 11 am, 303F
  • DEI Committee meet-and-greet, October 17, noon, 303F

I’m very excited to be the next chair for the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee. I’m looking forward to what we’ll all accomplish together over the coming school year and beyond.

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Oxford IT announces network fiber cut simulation test for next week

Map of Oxford, GA

Map of the new data links from Oxford to the Emory Clifton Campus.

Can you imagine a day without internet! That’s exactly what happened to Oxford College during Commencement 2017 day. Our one and only network connection to the world was cut somewhere in Porterdale, GA. No one was prepared for such an event – parents, students, faculty, staff all felt disconnected from the world.

Although the Oxford IT world was in great panic, our experts worked together to find a solution; however, with the only connection cut, there was no backup plan that would work.

Fortunately, it only took a day for our vendors to patch the cut.

A serious change needed to be made, and I am pleased to report that as a result of this experience, Oxford College IT, in cooperation with LITS and with support from Dean Hicks of Oxford College, added a second Internet service provider (ISP) network (AT&T) as a backup in the event the primary ISP provider (Charter) goes down.

Network Fiber Cut Simulation Test

During summer 2018, Oxford College IT (OCIT) and LITS completed a successful simulated test of the newly established AT&T standby fiber connection from Oxford to Emory. The purpose was to test the failover process from the primary to the secondary network fiber. The test was a success as none of our users were affected and they continued with normal business operations.

This first test was intentionally scheduled during the summer when faculty and students were not on campus, thus the network demand was not at its optimum. For a true simulation, OCIT and LITS are planning to repeat this test on Wednesday, October 10, 2018 from 12 noon to 1:00 pm when all faculty, students and staff are on campus.

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Green IT corner

Recycling flyerHere’s some good news for some hard to recycle items: DeKalb County is sponsoring its Annual Household Hazard Waste Event on Saturday, October 20, from 8 am to 12 noon. Note that proof of DeKalb County residency is required, as this is open only to DeKalb residents. Please review the flier or call the Sanitation Division at 404-294-2900 with questions.

Emory Point will also have a Hazardous Waste Collection Event, likely in November. Stay tuned for more info on that coming soon.

No Farmer’s Market on Tuesday, 10/9 – it’s Fall Break and students are off. The Market will return on Tuesday October 16 with a generous fall bounty of summer’s goodness.

“Hard to Recycle” stations at Emory: Did you know that there are building locations where you can recycle glass, CFL & LED bulbs, aerosol cans, batteries, ink-jet and toner cartridges, and clean styrofoam (no food)?  Woodruff Library has a set just inside the loading dock doors, the Computing Center at Cox Hall has a set on the rest room side on the 2nd floor, and other buildings around campus can be found at – select the first link below the pick list for the spreadsheet.

Fall Surplus Properties Sale – There is a surplus furniture sale at Emory TODAY and TOMORROW only!

Go to Surplus Properties (1256 Briarcliff Rd NE, Atlanta, GA) on the Emory Briarcliff Campus between 10 and 2 pm for some amazing deals on used Emory furniture.

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