Paul Petersen’s New Role — Cloud Engineer

Photo of an employee

Paul Petersen – Cloud Engineer.

Paul Petersen has been in a director in IT at Emory since 2006. In his latest role, he has been the Director of Infrastructure, leading the Systems, Storage, and Messaging Teams. When we began our infrastructure-as-a-service cloud journey with the Emory AWS Service Project, Paul was an active member from the beginning. As we began to spin up our Cloud Infrastructure Migration Project last year, Paul also became an active participant.

Last December, Paul and I discussed the idea of rotating him into an individual contributor role for 6 months and decided to try it. That period ended on May 31 and it has worked out very well — so well, in fact, that Paul and I discussed, and he has agreed to accept, a role of cloud engineer, stepping down from his director position as of June 1, 2018.

Along with the rest of the LITS Leadership team, I am delighted to have Paul in this role. He has been doing great work on the Emory AWS Service Project, and we expect that he’ll also continue to make significant contributions to the Cloud Infrastructure Migration Project. Paul also brings to the role a lot of experience in leadership –this will be invaluable as well as we work on cloud initiatives.

Steve Wheat, the LITS IT Architect, believes Paul is uniquely positioned for this type of work. According to Steve, “Paul displays a singular ability to apply his existing knowledge and learn new frameworks. Over the past year I’ve seen Paul use his considerable systems and infrastructure knowledge while developing considerable skills in his software engineering processes. Paul’s leadership in this area will help position LITS well as IT infrastructure and software engineering merge in Cloud infrastructure and platform services.”

Added Rich Mendola, “I couldn’t be more pleased with Paul’s transition to the role of cloud engineer. The Emory AWS service and Cloud Infrastructure migration projects are some the highest priorities in the LITS portfolio. Paul’s technical and leadership experience, combined with his enthusiasm and ability to quickly master new skills, make him ideally suited for his new role.”

Paul’s new teammates are also excited to have him on the project. “I have the great pleasure of working with Paul Petersen in the Emory Research Cloud Framework Project,” said Circe Tsui. “I have only good things to say. He is fully dedicated to the project as well as his team, and he is really passionate about cloud technologies. With his highly collaborative leadership style, I know that he will guide our cloud initiatives to the next level.”

In terms of the Infrastructure Team organizational structure, for now, we will leave the Director of Infrastructure position unfilled. Steve Siegleman, Dave Hauenstein, and Jay Flanagan will report directly to me, as will Paul in his new role. This is obviously an interim organizational structure — I will continue to update you as we consider next steps. Our planning for the Cloud Infrastructure Migration Project has just begun, and I’m sure that we will be working towards other rotations like Paul’s in the future. Stay tuned.

Please join me in congratulating Paul on his new role and let’s thank him for his many years of service as Director of the Infrastructure Team.

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Outstanding turnout for 2018 LITS Game Day

photo of a party

Dana Haggas (left) posing with a virtual John Connerat.

Once again, LITS employees returned to the Computing Center at Cox Hall to enjoy the frivolities of LITS Game Day. Held every year following Commencement, Game Day was an enjoyable celebration of the completion of another Emory school year.

Staff enjoyed the food (catered by Willy’s Mexicana Grill) and games. The games ranged from Team Trivia to a poker tournament, from killing zombies in virtual reality to indoor cornholing. There was something enjoyable for everybody.

photo of a party

Some of the Field Services guys enjoying Game Day.

Over 230 employees trekked to Cox Hall on a sometimes rainy, sometimes sweltering day, making Game Day 2018 one of the highest-attended events in LITS history.

Team Trivia, which was conducted by Cecilia Bolich and Jenn Young, was won by the team of Joshua Baughcum, Steve Collins, Ceray Doss-Williams, and Chris Riddle. Enid Britton won the poker tournament, with Mark Parten finishing second and Amelia Frances taking third.

photo of a party

Recognizable LITers include (L to R): Kim Braxton, Brian Methot, John Willingham, Chris Riddle, Kathy Hayes, Ceray Doss-Williams, Tom Armour, and Kristian Serrano.

“I’m really proud of the folks who put this event together,” said Rob Renner, division director of human resources. “The number of details that are involved in planning and coordinating an event like this are almost too numerous to list, but from the event promotion and communication, catering arrangements, space prep, providing all the games, preparing for team trivia, bringing in dart boards, the poker tournament, name tags, prizes, clean-up, etc. it all went extremely well.”

The team who organized Game Day this year were Kim Braxton, Amelia Frances, Tara McCurley, Wade Moricle, Khadijah Muhammad, Rob Renner, Jennifer Sutcliffe, and John Willingham. Special thanks also go to staff who helped with setup, breakdown, and game donation. If you have some ideas for next year’s event or would like to participate on setting it up, please contact Khadijah at khadijah [dot] muhammad [at] emory [dot] edu.

See you next year!

To see more photos from Game Day, go to:

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LITS honors employees with this year’s service awards

photo of an employee

Rosa Weston being honored in a speech from Wayne Ortman for her forty years of outstanding service.

The LITS HR Team recently hosted the 2018 LITS Service Award Luncheon in the Cox Hall Ballroom. Nearly 100 employees were honored for their service to Emory, in increments on five years. An amazing 13 employees had 30 or more years of service.

Honorees were treated to a luncheon catered by Emory Catering and were bestowed with gifts for their service. There was also a door raffle.

photo of a speaker

Rich Mendola inspired the audience during the Service Award Luncheon.

Senior Vice Provost for Library Services and Digital Scholarship and Enterprise Chief Information Officer Rich Mendola delivered an inspiring address. “Emory relies upon your service and commitment,” said Rich. “Sometimes these efforts manifest themselves as projects, which are easy to celebrate. But the majority of the time, your service is the result of sustained efforts that occur in daily customer interactions, sustained efforts to improve the quality of our services, and sustained efforts to steward our information assets. The work that you do truly matters and your legacy can be seen in every graduating class, every research discovery, and every life-saving medical procedure at Emory.”

The 2018 honorees were:

  • 5 Years: John Bence, Derrick Bostwick, William Brown, Carmen Cooper, Richard Costales, Jennifer Doty, Gabrielle Dudley, Edward Feliciano, Francis Fernandes, Sharon Gray, Robert Hawthorne, Justin Henderson Jr., Ryan Hewett, Lori Jahnke, Charles Johnson, Addison Jones, Sundiata Kita-Bradshaw, Melanie Kowalski, Archana Kudrimoti, Naiqi Li, Shoba Mallik, Patrick Maloney, Pellom McDaniels III, Clayton McGahee, Kuwuan McMillan, Jennifer Meehan, Khadijah Muhammad, Sara Palmer, Shenita Peterson, Mark Prefer, Kristian Serrano, Todd Smith, Laura Starratt, Jay Varner, Dorothy Waugh, and Brian Young
  • 10 Years: Amir Ali, Amy Allison, Thomas Armour, Trey Bunn, Ceray Doss-Williams, Patrice Goodwin-Richmond, Randy Gue, David Hauenstein, Jeremy Kupsco, Sharon Mason, Tanya McKibben, Michael Page, Patti Pate, Frances Pici, Kimberly Powell, Raul Pritchard, Brad Sanford, Dean Schuh, Phillip Shaw, Chad Street, and Shelia Williams
  • 15 Years: Colin Bragg, Scott Caillier, Sebreana Echols, Andrew Efting, Larry Frazer, Celeste Hermida, Tia Hill, Dennis House, Susan Klopper, Myra Lovett, Derrick Merritt, Lars Meyer, Emily Porter, Derek Spransy, and Curt Tucker
  • 20 Years: Robert Anderson, Randall Burkett, Jay Flanagan, Candace Haley, Jimmy Kincaid, Erin Mooney, Garrett Southwell, Tom Vincent, Guo-Hua Wang, Jeffrey Weaver, and Mia White
  • 25 Years: Steve Lamb
  • 30 Years: Bruce Anderson II, Bill Choate, Joe DeRose, Jim Fordham, Kelly Kautt, Kathy Shoemaker, and Yvette Wright
  • 35 Years: Nicole Byrd, Kim Comstock, Sandra Franklin, Richard Gess, and Graydon Kirk
  • 40 Years: Rosa Weston
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Pet(s) of the Week – Ella and Millie

Photo of two dogs.

Ella and Millie enjoying the afternoon sun.

The choice for Pet of the Week is the canine duo of Ella and Millie, proudly owned by Susan Klopper, director of the Goizueta Business Library.

Both rescues, Ella joined the Klopper family about two years ago, and Millie was adopted a year later. Millie is a tricolor border collie and Ella is a mix of chow chow, boxer, lab, and border collie.

“They are sweet and silly and love to cuddle,” said Susan. Every morning after the Kloppers wake up, but before they get out of bed, Ella positions herself for morning belly rubs. Millie’s approach is a bit less subtle; she literally sits on Susan’s pillow with her body wrapped around Susan’s head, nose positioned on her shoulder.

“They both have me very well trained!” laughed Susan.

If you would like your pet featured during our Pet of the Week summer feature, send us an email, photo, and description of what makes your pet so outstanding.

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LITS recent headlines and upcoming events

Headlines & Events graphic banner

Recent LITS headlines:

Upcoming LITS events:

(go HERE for more information for each event)

  • June 17 – Closing date of The Dream Machine: The Beat Generation & the Counterculture, 1940-1975“: Schatten Gallery, 3rd Floor, Woodruff Library
  • June 19 – Research IT Day: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm, Jones Room, Woodruff Library
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OnBase Training Session for Tips and Tools for Easy Capture of Data

OnBase by Hyland Software is an information platform that centralizes important documents and business content into one secure location, which allows for safe access from anywhere via Mobile and Web Clients. The platform provides the ability to create solutions across many business practices and departments, which at Emory currently includes Accounts Payable, Human Resources, Clinical Research, Alumni Relations, Admissions, Financial Aid, LITS, and more.

Current Emory users utilize its seamless integration thru the PeopleSoft & Ellucian Advance applications, paperless functionality, and documentation workflows and tracking.

The next series in the OnBase Monthly Training class June 7 is now available for registration on ELMS. Log into and the Course Code is 226000-13749. We invite users to bring their laptops (there will be limited PCs available) where we will explore disconnected scanning, advanced capture, virtual print driver, and user’s questions about data capture.

  • Class details: Thursday, June 7, 9 am -12 pm, in the 1599 Building First Floor Training Room 1.380 – please check in at the front desk
  • Class Title: OnBase Monthly Discussion ‘Tips & Tricks for Easy Data Capture’
  • Target Audience: Unity Client and Web Client users (new & advanced)
  • Class size: Limited to 40 users
  • Led by: Veta Williamson, Edward Feliciano, Alex Klyshevich
  • What to bring: Laptop
  • Session Topic:  Easy Data Capture

We will focus on:

  • Disconnected Scanning & Scan Queues
  • Virtual Print Driver

Come and bring your laptops and stay as long as you have time. Join the OnBase Support Team and let’s explore.

If you have other OnBase questions, please bring those as well and the OnBase team will be happy to work with you.

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Great green news

DeKalb County is conducting Operation Spring Clean Sweep 2018. The county is offering free residential curbside bulky item collection (like furniture, grills, water heaters) every Friday and Saturday through the month of June.  Consult the flier for more info.

The Emory Farmers Market Dates for Summer (peaches are in!) are as follows: 

  • June 5 and 19 (Peach Festival & special performance!)
  • July 3, 17 (Tomato Festival) and July 31
  • August 14, 28 (Ice Cream Festival) 

The Oxford College Organic Farm CSA is fully operational – sign up now to get a weekly share of fresh produce (the price is pro-rated by your sign-up date).  Sign up here:

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