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R25 Scheduling System Upgraded to 25Live

Screen shot of the new R25 application

R25, Emory’s enterprise scheduling, publishing and registration system, is undergoing a significant and expansive upgrade that will add a multitude of features and improve the overall user experience. The system is now called “25Live” and its infrastructure is housed in the data center of CollegeNET, an Oregon-based business partner that will provide security, capacity and […]

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Emory Converting to New Telemetry Solution

Photo of a Philip's M2601B telemetry device

Telemetry, the automatic transmission and measurement of hospital data from remote sources, is a vital part of any medical facility. Telemetry devices perform ambulatory/cardiac monitoring of patients who are wearing monitors to track their vital signs, as well as collecting the data for tracking and alert purposes. Remote access points placed all over the hospitals […]

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Long Distance Clinic Move in Villa Rica a Success

Photo of new Villa Rica Heart Center

OIT finished a project recently that involved a last minute move of the Emory Heart and Vascular Center in Villa Rica, GA to a new office about a mile from the original site. Contacted on March 6, the team had to complete the move in only three weeks. This is normally a three-month project. The […]

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Green Office Initiative – Coming Soon!

Green tinted aerial view of Emory's campus

The Office of Sustainability Initiatives is hard at work developing the framework of the Green Office initiative! This effort is playing out in 3 stages: program development, pilot implementations, grow/sustain. Our goals include education, ownership and leadership to achieve Green Offices that will further reduce our carbon footprint, energy and water use, while heightening efforts […]

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Game Day Rewind

Group photo of Call Center staff

Each year the Call Center does Game Day Rewind. Since call volume does not allow more than three to four individuals to attend the UTS Game Day, the staff at the Call Center has to get creative to bring the year end celebration close to home. Our event mirrors that of the UTS Game Day […]

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The Power of Introverts

Photo of author Susan Caine

Being an introvert should not be a problem in our society, yet it is. According to author Susan Cain, schools and workplaces are designed for extroverts and corporate America often doesn’t allow introverts to be introverted. Cain wrote a book called Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, in which she suggests […]

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Blue Roof, Green Roof, and Fire Ants

Photo of a city skyline with a green roof in the foreground

Remember when we took the LEED exam or when you started wondering how to keep the costs down in your house? You looked at “green roofs.” The photos usually had goats eating on the roof or you saw some Viking village. The photo in this article is a great example of an extensive green roof […]

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