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Substation Project to Affect NDB Staff

Gambrell Road elevation illustration of new substation

Georgia Power is beginning construction of a new substation at the north end of Burlington Road (closest to Emory). This area substation is needed to serve growth and increase reliability in the Clifton Corridor. Below is a link to some information and photos. In terms of impact to OIT staff, there will be no parking […]

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Avaya Flare Experience in Library

Screen shot of the Avaya Flare Experience in use

We have begun testing the Avaya Flare Experience. This is a SIP Audio/Video application that runs on Windows and iPADs and provides telephone calling as well as conferencing with audio and/or video. This feature will also operate without a VPN both on and off-campus for PCs and requires a WiFi connection for iPAD. In addition, […]

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It’s a Great Time For Lync

Screen shot from Microsoft Lync website

As you may be aware, the UTS Messaging Team recently launched Microsoft Lync, a communication tool that offers instant messaging, phone, video conferencing, screen sharing and presentation features all in one. This flexibility has led to a surge in OIT usage and I would encourage you to start using Lync today. The OIT management team […]

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New Listserv Redundancy Implementation

Screen shot of Emory's Listserv home page

Recently, the UTS Messaging team implemented a disaster recovery (DR) solution for Listserv. Disaster recovery was necessary for Listserv due to its extensive use (currently over 6,500+ lists) and usage for critical emergency notifications. Previously, Listserv did not have a disaster recovery solution in the event that the server or data center went down. The server […]

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Sunapsis Implementation Completed

Screen shot from Sunapsis website

Both phases (PSHR and OPUS) of the Sunapsis International Office Module implementation have been completed. The International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) Service Owner and SME is Stephanie Roberts. This system provides administrative process support for Emory University including compliance with the Department of Homeland Security tracking and reporting regulations. There are approximately 4,000 entries […]

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Wilson Visits San Diego

Photo of the photographer's feet while resting on a dock

Trisha Wilson (PMO) recently took a vacation to San Diego. Here is her account: “Aaaaahh, it’s great to have friends. My friend Paula invited me to visit her in San Diego in May. I’ve been to California three or four times, but I’d never visited San Diego before so I figured, “why not?” She had lots of activities […]

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Networks V. Nature: the Hidden Side of Infrastructure

Work crew burying a cable under a creek.

In our modern era of computing, network connectivity while sitting in the blissful air conditioning of a Georgia summer is quite simple. If my network is down, I call someone. I never spend time thinking about the actual infrastructure that makes it work. All that changed this week, however, as I accompanied Roland Farrar (Enterprise […]

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