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UTS Kicks Off FY14

Photo of man juggling on a stage

Who knew Brett could juggle? Delivering a message of “paying the technology debt,” Brett Coryell (UTS) and his Director Team presented and discussed a wide variety of topics at the UTS Annual Kickoff, held this week in the WHSCAB Auditorium. Employing a town hall-style format, all eight of UTS’ leaders gave small presentations and answered […]

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Global Health Chronicles Website

Home page for Global Health Chronicles website

Library Tech Services, one of the newly created divisions in LITS, recently completed the Global Health Chronicles website, found at Under the leadership of John Ellinger (R-WIT), the team of James Bias and Jay Varner (both of R-WIT) collaborated with the School of Public Health (SPH). Rosanne Waters, SPH project lead at the Emory […]

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How to Post Newsletter Articles

Screen shots from WordPress blog

As more LITS employees are being added as potential contributors to the IT Newsletter site each week, more requests for instructions on how to actually submit an article are being made. This is our divisional newsletter and we welcome all of you to contribute! The following are a few easy instructions on how to do […]

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Managing Organizational Change

Photo of room with computers

Change is inevitable. I’m reminded of Sam Cooke’s classic song which says, “A Change Is Gonna Come.” Oh yes, it will. As managers, our role is crucial in times of change because of the relationship we have with the employees on our team. We are the closest to the employees who must adopt the new […]

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RSVP and Submit Your Kickoff Questions Early

Photo of a red ribbon and a R.S.V.P. card

With the UTS Annual Kickoff less than two weeks away, now is a good time to submit questions for the leadership team. This year’s kickoff format includes a town hall-style meeting in which the directors will be joining Brett Coryell (UTS) on stage to discuss the projects for FY14 and the overall direction of the […]

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One-Week, One-Tool Has Two LITS Contributers

The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) recently conducted a “digital humanities barn raising” called “One Week, One Tool” at George Mason University in which a team of twelve strangers would design and implement a new software tool for humanities scholarship in only one week. The team was selected via a global application process and […]

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Dawn Francis-Chewning, Educational Analyst III, Academic Technology Services

Photo of Dawn Francis-Chewning

Dawn moves over to STS to be a student-centric advocate. Much of what she will be doing is similar to what she has worked on in the past as she will still be coordinating Back to School and student elections. Before this move, she was a Business Analyst III in ATS. Dawn has been working […]

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