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Kim Comstock: “I enjoyed coming to work every day.”

Kim Comstock, the business manager for LITS HR, is finally leaving Emory after 37 amazing years. Born in Webster, NY (outside of Rochester), Kim attended college at Cedar Crest College (a private woman’s college in Allentown, PA) and earned a degree in philosophy and studio arts. “Philosophy makes you contemplate life. I still like reading […]

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Key things to note about using the new travel management partner

Corporate Travel Management (CTM) is the recently-announced new travel management partner for Emory. CTM can be reached using the following methods: For Agent assisted travel, call 877-289-4627 or email emory [at] travelctm [dot] com For CTM technical support, call 877-208-1396 or email na_online [at] travelctm [dot] com Travel Profile Set up your Travel profile using the Quick […]

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New travel management partner to support all of Emory

On Monday, April 29, Emory will have a new travel management partner to support all Emory University and Emory Healthcare travel efforts. What you should know The travel agency selection committee, which included several school chief business officers, global and student travel arrangers, evaluated and chose Corporate Travel Management (CTM) as the best travel management partner for Emory. CTM demonstrated the right […]

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Year-End reminders from Business & Administration

Calendar page

As summer begins to wind down and we make our final preparations for another exciting school year, it is important that we take care of all of our outstanding financial business as our financial calendar resets on August 31. Here are a couple of key questions to consider: Do you have open purchase orders? Specifically, […]

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Expense report submission made easier

Photo of receipts and calculator

The LITS Business and Administration team continually looks for ways to reduce the amount of time and effort it takes for our internal customers to process expense reports. The LITS Business and Administration staff will submit the official report on behalf of the employee. LITS employees normally report expenses by filling out a “LITS: Travel […]

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NDB’s 4th Floor Auditorium gets major facelift

If you have ever attended a meeting in the North Decatur Building’s 4th Floor Auditorium, you are in for a shock today. The room has received a complete refresh of all the technology, as well as a fresh coat of paint. The projector, AV system, screen, microphones, and camera are all new to better facilitate audio […]

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Joanna Green, Chief Business Officer, Business and Administration

Photo of a new employee

Joanna Green is the new Chief Business Officer for LITS after working for almost nineteen years as the Chief Business Officer for the Goizueta Business School. She also spent nine years as a marketing analyst and finance analyst at Egleston Children’s Hospital (pre merger to form CHOA). She is on the board of the Emory Credit Union. Born in Columbia, […]

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