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LITS Holiday Party Gets Rave Reviews

Photo of two staff members enjoying a party

[Ed. Note: Don’t miss the video montage from the event at the end of this article!] The first-ever LITS Holiday Party, held on December 16 in the Goizueta Business School, was a roaring success! With almost 300 LITS employees in attendance, party-goers ate, drank and were indeed merry as they danced, sang, and pretend-gambled the […]

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IT Issues in Higher Ed or “If You Think Things Aren’t Changing, You Aren’t Paying Attention”

Photo of students in a lecture hall

Last month, I attended an Internet2 conference called Identity Week for members of InCommon.  There were discussions and presentations about all the thorny and fascinating issues we confront every day in the world of identity management – data governance, federation, how to handle sponsored accounts, dealing with vendors, etc.   And of course, lots of chatter […]

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Negotiations – A tribute to the “Greatest Negotiator”

Photo pf Nelson Mandela

It was around 5:00 p.m. on December 5 when I received a phone call from my wife. She said “Nelson Mandela died” and began to cry. Although impending, the news was nonetheless heartbreaking. Both my wife and I were born in South Africa and grew up during the Apartheid era. We spent many years of […]

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Brian Croxall Discusses the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship

Photo of Brian Croxall

Since the OIT and Library divisions were joined together to form LITS, I began to ask myself “Why?” I’ve heard it said that the library of the future will look more like an Apple store. It’s all just information. But to find out more about how we envision information intersecting with technology at Emory, I […]

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It’s Easy Being Green at Emory!

The Emory logo in a green color

You know that Blue and Gold make Green…read on to see how Emory continues to go the distance in true colors! Give yourselves and each other a hand for we have much to celebrate for 2013! In the first few years of our 21st century, Emory began making plans to reduce energy; in 2006 we […]

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What’s the PM Say?

Photo of Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis

After a mere 290 million views, The Fox (What Does the Fox Say) YouTube video, by the Norwegian group Ylvis, is the latest meme. There are literally hundreds of parodies of the internet sensation, so why not one more? The brainchild of Bill Szabrak (UTS), you will certainly agree that this one…is the best. Don’t miss […]

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Damon Williams, Communcation Specialist, Enterprise Services

Photo of new employee Damon Williams

Damon comes to Enterprise Services after a year of doing contract work for Emory through American Telecommunication Services. He will be doing moves, adds, and changes for voice, data, and wireless. His previous job was active duty Marine Corps where he was a telecommunications systems chief for twelve years. A native of Brooklyn, NY, Damon […]

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