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Inside OKCupid: The Math of Online Dating

Photo illustration of a two computer mouses forming a heart shape

OKCupid is an online dating site that was co-founded by Christian Rudder, a Harvard-educated mathematician and entrepreneur. With over 40-milion Americans trying online dating, Rudder believed that he could bring concrete mathematics to the otherwise murky world of mechanical matchmaking. In this interesting Ted Talk, Rudder explains some of the math behind OKCupid (described by […]

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What Motivates Us to Work?

What motivates you to work? Is it money? Prestige? Pride in your output? Researcher Dan Ariely conducts compelling experiments that analyze what makes a person want to work. The results are extremely thought-provoking regarding motivation. According to Ariely, if you compare efficiency in work with work that is meaningful, you find that in today’s knowledge-based […]

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The Emory Undergraduate Experience Discussed

Photo of Emory's President Wagner taken from a promotional video

Emory has produced a new video about the¬†transformative impact of an Emory residential, undergraduate, liberal arts education. This presentation was created for the June Board of Trustees meeting and is now publicly available. The video was shot and edited by Ann Borden in Emory Photo Video and features the voices of Emory College of Arts […]

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Predictable Irrationality

Photo of Dan Ariely

The latest in my favorite TED Talks is this amazing speech by Dan Ariely, in which he talks about his behavioral experiments in regards to personal and business ethics. According to Wikipedia, “Dan Ariely is an Israeli American professor of psychology and behavioral economics. He teaches at Duke University and is the founder of The […]

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Kawasaki Presents the “Practitioner’s Road”

Photo of Mark Kawasaki

On June 18, 2013, Mark Kawasaki (Integration-ITSMO) was one of the presenters in a global online conference called Tomorrow’s Future Today (TFT). TFT features 24 speakers, with a goal of creating a 24-hour virtual global conference, with each presentation following the sun, live on YouTube. The speakers were selected by popular vote online. This conference, […]

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The Happy Secret to Better Work

In light of current discussion during performance review season, Ted Talk speaker Shawn Achor delivers an inspirational speech that the secret to improved work performance is happiness. This is not surprising to anyone except Achor points out that it is not improved work performance that makes us happier…happiness must come first. According to his bio […]

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Sofie and the Cicada

Close-up image of a cicada

We are nearing the end of the “Brood II” swarm of 17-Year Cicadas, so-named because the flying insects literally spend 17 years underground before emerging for one month to breed, lay eggs, and die. Also called “swarmageddon,” this entomological phenomenon has sadly (or fortunately, depending on your bug-loving/hating persuasion) not had a major impact on […]

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