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Pet of the Week: Boogie

Meet our cat, Boogie. He loves to cuddle and play fetch with his toy fish. I adopted Boogie from Briarcliff Animal Hospital when he was a few months old. His previous name was Bagheera, but I thought he was a little too goofy and gentle to be named after a panther, so I shortened it […]

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Pet of the Week: Dixie

Meet my cat, Dixie! A coworker found Dixie living in the woods behind her house in Tucker. She saw the monkey grass at the edge of her yard “dancing” one day, and it was a tiny kitty playing. To this day, that cat loves nothing more than to fight monkey grass. My coworker’s family was […]

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Pets of the Week: Bella and Max

Meet Bella and Max (short for Isabella and Maximilian). They are Australian Kelpie mixed with terrier. Or terror, depending on their mood. They are always on guard and saving the lawn from squirrels, birds, bugs, etc. My puppies are three years old this month. And I still do call them puppies. We rescued them from […]

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Pet of the Week: Kitka

“I rescued this tiny kitten from a restaurant parking lot over the weekend. Would you like to come and meet her?” This was a former library employee, Martha Ebener, standing at my desk one Monday morning in 2003. Martha knew that I had lost my beloved cat Boris, age 14, to cancer about a year […]

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Pet of the Week: Dougie

Dougie Jones Morgan-Adams (AKA Mr. Jackpots), aptly named after the Twin Peaks: The Return character, is a recent addition to our home. Over Mother’s Day weekend, I made the delightful mistake of just “looking around” at the Humane Society in my hometown and found Dougie. A charmer from the start, I took him home to […]

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Pet of the Week: Petra

Ten years ago, I walked into the Lawrence, Kansas SPCA shelter, looking for a buddy to keep me company during grad school. I asked my volunteer guide to bring out a manx I’d seen on their website. She nodded, went to a back room, and returned to deposit a cat in my arms that was […]

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Pets of the Week: Tip and Jet!

We have two rescue Border Collie brothers named Tip and Jet. Both were rescued when their mother was scheduled to be put down and it was determined she was pregnant. I drove down to pick them up in Screven County, Georgia, and had bought the smallest collars I could find. Jet was so small (the […]

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