Huge Crowd for Chili and Dessert Cook-off

group of 5 photos from an outdoor employee chili luncheonOn a gorgeous and unseasonably warm Fall afternoon, this year’s Annual Chili and Dessert Cook-off was a tremendous success, with the largest crowd to ever attend the event. Nearly 200 LITS employees attended the festivities, held in the parking lot of 1762, including members of the University Library staff. The food included 19 chilies and 14 desserts, lovingly prepared by staff members. There were also hotdogs, corn on the cob, various snacks and drinks.

Chili Winners:

  1. Danny Bridges (Enterprise Applications)
  2. Enid Britton (Integration)
  3. Camille Hyatt (LITS Business and Administration)

Desert Winners:

  1. Enid Britton (Integration)
  2. Molly Kent (Enterprise Applications)
  3. Beverly Turner (University Libraries)


  • Kelly Bray (Integration)
  • Tommy Barwick (Enterprise Services)
  • Wade Moricle (Integration)
  • John Ellis (Integration)
  • Sandra Harrison (LITS Business and Administration)
  • LaKysha Mack (LITS Business and Administration)
  • Norman Hulme (Integration)

Even though this is a tradition carried over from NetCom, LITS Business and Administration (formerly IT F&A) has taken on responsibility for hosting this event.

Big thanks to Linda Richardson and Sebreana Echols (both of LITS Business and Administration), who co-hosted the event. Other helpers included: Susan Henschen (R-WIT), Celeste Hermida (LITS Business and Administration), Camille Hyatt (LITS Business and Administration), Nydia Charles Huggins (LITS Business and Administration), Debbie Gray (LITS Business and Administration), Lamar Kelly (Enterprise Services), LaKysha Mack (LITS Business and Administration), Khadijah Muhammad (LITS Business and Administration), and Linda Nodine (LITS Business and Administration), as well as a host of staff who stepped up “as needed” (also known as being in the wrong place at the wrong time!)

Really, thank you to everyone for a great event, and to you Wade for all you did and Norman for the great posters.

[Editor’s Note: the following is a video montage of the event!]

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